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  1. Yuty Auto-Courage gone? I don't see it in the radio wheel anymore. (I've used it in the past, albeit some time ago. Turret mode is there but no auto-Courage mode. Am I missing something or was it removed?
  2. I have never seen anything like it. I purposefully avoided going near the trench (scar) until I was ready to steal eggs/trap females/get milk. Private dedicated server, Rrnning only S+ mod, singleplayer settings and max difficulty (setting 10, yielding L-300 Max wild dinos) So whenever I kite ANY wyvern out of the trench, within seconds it LITERALLY drops from the sky, dead. Every....single....one. Just astounded and clueless on how to fix this. Cant get milk from dead Wyverns, Well, the Alpha Fire but have not seen one yet. EDIT: After further testing, it appears to only be occurring near coordinates 56-15. If I bring out a wyvern from the scar chasing me elsewhere and fly any direction EXCEPT that area, it (at least thus far) appears to not aversely affect the wyvern. But If I turn towards that area (on the desert surface area) soon as I get close to those coordinates, the wyvern falls dead out of the sky. Note this effect is ONLY affecting Wyverns. Any other wild creature in this area is unaffected. EDIT II : I believe I have isolated the issue. It *IS* a bug, and not sure if its tied to S+ or not. My base in the area is at 54.9-11.9 I have a large compliment of S+ Plant X on the roof. That being said, the Wyvern Trap is right at that 56-15 area. Way....WAY too far away for the plant X to reach it. It's got to be at least 150 foundations away, or more (just a guess) As I shortened the Plant X firing range, I could tell the Wyverns could get closer before dying, Still to far away for the green ball shots to even render, UNTIL I lowered it to "low" Then I could at least see the plants shooting at them, but the distance this was happening was still beyond what a "normal" "high" distance would be. It's like the Plant X has a "super range boost" or something. Perhaps tied to the max=10 difficulty?? If I put them all to sleep completely, the bug vanishes. If I turn on just a few plants (remember they are set to LOW) it will kill the wyvern in the trap. The pic I just attached shows the plants to my right and way up on the hill (furthest away) you can see the trap itself. No way in heck the plants should be able to reach that far on low, but they do. And that is the bug!
  3. Then, (ahem, Wildcard if your listening) PLEASE remove this from the OSD loot tables. It will avoid unnecessary rants, like mine.
  4. I don't understand the point of the TEK Replicator BP in the OSD drops. It seemed (at least to me) the purpose of it being there was for people starting on Extinction fresh, or, not done a boss fight elsewhere, could craft one here. Especially since (mostly) any Enforcer higher than journeyman cannot be crafted at a city terminal. Not enough slots. But the confusion only deepens. The thing is, You cant craft it...anywhere. Not at a city terminal, not in the cave loot crates, not the smithy, not the fabricator...NOWHERE. (even the wiki says this may be bugged as the BP info says it can be crafted in a "supply crate"). Also hearing that even if you COULD craft it, unless you already have the engram learned from fighting a boss, you cant open it?!? Which brings me full circle to the point.. what *IS* the point of even that BP AT ALL? if you already need to have learned it to use it. WHY IS IT THERE. Then again it really doesn't matter since you CANT CRAFT IT. We just cant make this stuff up folks. Wildcard, you are the best!
  5. I finally made it, and It is repeatable but it is NOT easy, and you will die a few times in the process. You need to use the N.E. Obelisk. It is the shortest distance to get to from the cliff. What you need is 2 sets of climbing picks, a charge animal (low level, its going to die) and a wingsuit. Cloth clothing is fine. I make my way up the cliff. about 1/3 of the way up turn OFF the charge animal as to not attract seekers. Continue to the surface and immediately turn to the right and KEEP CLIMBING. You will have to bear to your left as you climb all the way around the right side of the surface cliff. You heep going around and up and even tually you will get to a top of a hill peak. From here you jump off and you can easily make it right to the terminal. In fact you will be so high that you might need to close the suit in mid-air to drop vertically and reopen it near the ground. Mid flight, you can also turn your charge animal back on to keep the nameless at bay once you land. The first few times I did this the reapers just wiped me out. The key is if your going to die, at least kite them away from the terminal as best as you can. It will cost you lots of bulbdogs and wingsuits, but eventually (think I made it on the sixth try) you can land at the terminal and get your character uploaded (with mere seconds to spare) before you are killed. Now I am on extinction and once I get TEK (and the Tek Transmitter) I can return and use that from that point on.
  6. Not finding ANY hives..ever. Never seen one (on this playthru). Since they only spawn in the canyon it's not hard to scour the whole area. For whatever reason, it does not look like they spawned at all on initial map load/creation (on this playthru) Beginning to think I need to use detroydinos command and see if that fixes it, but I really don't want to do that if I can help it. Very odd.
  7. Beyond frustrated. Simply trying to live long enough on the surface to get to an obelisk to transfer off this rock. (no TEK). I don't know how they expect people in single player to actually USE an obelisk much less live long enough (literally seconds) to even upload your character. Nevermind any stuff. Not a chance. Forget it. Just way too many reapers, especially near the Obelisk. You should not have to be "end game" level with TEK, Drakes, blah blah blah, just to use a dang obelisk. NONE of the other maps have this issue. ( Note I will not wont use cheat codes) Grrr.
  8. Forget crafting any enforcer higher than Journeyman level (this can be done in city terminals) I did do three blue OSD defenses and got Tek Replicatior blueprints from two of them. Great! Now I can craft enforcers (once the replicator is built) greater than Journeyman. Ahh, but there is a catch. A big one. it takes (among other things) 100 element to craft the tek replicator. You can convert element dust into element, but it takes 1000 dust to make ONE element. (yes you heard that right, one THOUSAND). So you have to gather 100,000 dust to even make enough element to craft the dang thing. Yes I know there are element veins but the point is players STARTING on this map don't have access to the needed "things" to go after that for a long...long time (and actual element itself is rare in the veins anyways). Clearly I understand this is literally the "end game" map. I get it. You are "supposed" to only be here after beating every single boss in every (official) map and be full tek by now. But they put the tek replicator engram in drops SPECIFICALLY for those starting here, as it is needed to craft things specific to this map. But once again. The multiplayer design mentality strikes again. I really don't think anyone at wildcard has ever REALLY tried to play this game in Singleplayer for any real length of time. Having to gather 100,000 of anything alone just to build one item is beyond ridiculous. And lets not get into the discussion of "just tweak your gather rates in your own game" There are reasons to not just set this at 10x and call it a day.
  9. tried to imprint after dropping the interval. It does not appear change the cuddle times of maturations in progress. But it HAS changed new babies being born. (That .025 changed it to every 2 minutes at 7% imprint each lol. Got it at .2 now (original was .9 as with singleplayer settings some animals like Sarcos would mature before imprinting. Setting to .9 fixed that before so I could go .3 as you say and it should still work. Thanks again!
  10. And to further complicate the matter I use singleplayer settings on the server as well. So there already is breeding boosts going on from that. The valentines event just put that on steroids. I wonder if Wildcards thinking cost/benefit (like they usually do) Sure will give you faster breeding times with this event but there is a catch, no imprinting. (without tweaks on unofficial) Might just have to take advantage of the egg layers and keep the eggs until the event is over, then hatch them. No go on the mammals tho. I'll try that .025 and see if I can get any improvement there. Thanks (all)!
  11. Private server. Cuddle interval set to .1 and still cant get a SINGLE inprint care fulfilled before the dino matures. Yes I know I can stop the event from occurring, but I *DO* want to take advantage of the fast breeding and raising times. Is there any hope to have your valentines cake and eat it too?
  12. I think The reason the map(s) don't change with the seasons anymore is it was only ever on Island, back when it was the only map. I completely understand, with all the work and all to add it to the others. I admit it would be somewhat of a stretch on scorched earth, but I digress. It was really cool having "real" seasons on the map. I do know the first winter Wonderland caused many people to get mad even though they were warned for a month the weather was going to get colder and to make the appropriate arrangements. It was quite refreshing to have another survival factor thrown into the mix every now and again. Just like real life, the fall colors came out and then winter set in. It was cool (literally) heh.
  13. Use a foliage harvesting animal on the "cattails" in the Sanctuary park. You will get a lot of rare flowers and even the occasional Plant X seed.
  14. Scorched Earth issues occurring when loading from a saved game: Preserving bin: Spoil times not reflecting that Preserving Salt is present. If you add salt (or remove some and put it back in) you will see the spoil times change back to normal (double initial time) Water Taps: Not sure this is a bug but thought there was something mentioned in a recent patch about waterskins, water jugs and canteens losing their contents as soon as you remove them from the water taps inventory. This is still occurring. They appear full (as they were left inside the water taps inventory when you quit the game). Launch the game and pull the item from the water taps inventory, it will instantly empty.
  15. Would love to order but ever since these were announced, I cannot complete the ordering process. It ALWAYS gets to the last page "saving creation" and then the page goes blank. I am using I.E. 11 (please lets leave browser wars out of this) and survivetheark.com is fully allowed on every browser setting I have.
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