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  1. So this is why updates were months apart. Not worth it. Tapejara and Archaeopteryx are also delayed because of this.
  2. Is there a good reason behind these being broken up and not just normal dossiers?
  3. Doesn't a full generator of gas run for like 48 days? More efficient gas is gonna be amazing.
  4. Right now SOTF is a total conversion mod so this will likely establish it as its own game mode. According to the patch notes there should also be performance improvement, better matchmaking, item rewards, and more.
  5. For anyone that doesn't want to watch the stream or can't, they're showing off the Survival of the Fittest re-launch. I only saw a few minutes so I don't know if there was anything else. They also said it's releasing later today at least on PC, doesn't sound like it'll happen on Xbone right away.
  6. They're still in the patch notes so stay optimistic!
  7. I named my silver wolf Silver Bullet. I also have some Compies named Alpha, Beta, Delta, Eta, Gamma, Epsilon, Iota, Zeta, Eta, and Kappa.
  8. I'm mostly excited for the sea drops and considering the fact that they aren't shown in the "Today's update includes" list worries me.
  9. I'm not a dev, so I wouldn't know. Sorry man. I'd love to know the same thing.
  10. Just so everyone knows, the new year event is only on official servers according to the steam notes. Edit: Nevermmind, there's a console command to start the event on unofficial servers
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