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  1. It should get better. It takes time and money to order servers. Especially since it's a holiday in the USA and most WC staff are probably off of work.
  2. Allow Us To Transfer Our Legacy Characters

    Welp. Better pack your bags wildcard. You're going to lose half of your customers who refuse to start over. /s
  3. I get your frustration, I own and play on a server that's has had some issues myself. However, I can understand their motives. They aren't a charity. When I get mad about other games breaking promises I just remember that star citizens campaign was delayed until 2017. Scorched Earth shouldn't be an excuse for WC to stop bug fixes or development. If anything this should mean they can hire more people and produce things faster with less bugs. While it's an odd choice by them, it will blow over.
  4. Unfortunately for you, I doubt either are going to happen. I will just keep being satisfied with a great product so...
  5. I don't understand the problem... Yes, it's in development, but it's damn sure more finished than most games. I would rather have them test a full scale launch of a DLC now, and work it out and get it right, then have an epic failure a year from now. I paid for it, but that's because I greatly enjoyed the original part of the game and am getting lots of enjoyment out of this. Let's be honest here ALL OF YOU have paid 20 bucks for DLC that's given you WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY less even from a "Finished" AAA game.
  6. Imo, this game is more finished than most, and I'll gladly pay 20 bucks for a DLC of a 30 dollar game, get real people. You obviously haven't delt with star citizen. I've put 1k hours in on xbox and some time on PC.
  7. Added the server, can't wait to play! Can I start a tribe for myself and some friends?
  8. game wipe?

    I agree.
  9. Discord Chat for Ark (Non-Official)

    Hello everyone! A few Friends and I have made a Discord server for Ark. Find Tribe mates, talk to fellow gamers, discuss game events and stay up to date on all Ark news. A friendly environment for all Gamers! Don't be shy, Join in and say Hi! Make sure to let the Mods know if your Xbox One Or PC. https://discord.gg/0knX9JGpibFySMRy
  10. Hello! Im new here and have a question.

  11. So, I am super excited about the release and i hope everything goes well. I do want to ask if you guys have an exact release time(PST) tonight? Thanks for your response!