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  1. Update: after 2 patches ( currently version 1.61) the server will still bluescreen & roll back within 20mins of being started. The game is now unplayable. Any response WildCard?...
  2. Since today's update (version 1.59) our PS4 password protected player dedicated Ark on Ragnarok is constantly bluescreening approximately every 10 - 15 minutes. There is only 2 players active and both are in their own bases. Currently 8 bluescreens and counting... Hosting PS4 has only Ark installed on its 500GB hard drive and after the 4th bluescreen had it's database rebuilt but failed to fix this issue. Any ideas? Yours faithfully, a paying QA tester! 😉
  3. K3afy

    Flashlight attachment broken

    They were working untill this weeks (approx) 20GB patch, followed by a 6GB patch to fix the patch & now a 4GB patch to fix the patch... and the flashlights are still broken....