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    Is like the big worm in avengers :P... Jen, around how much time i need wait to get help whit a characacter transfer issue? Can you help me? :(...
  2. Jat, I know that maybe you are very busy but I do not know who to turn to, I'm really really sorry to write here, but on March 27th at 22:00hs, I went from OfficialServer49 to EU-ScorchedEarth655 with my main character with success to farm silk, when I came back from EU-ScorchedEarth655 to OfficialServer49 i spawn my character in crafting room bed and it never spawn, so i check my saved characters and it is not there, i need help, i have more than 5000 hours of game invested in the OfficialServer49 making my base, my dinos with imprints, im owner of one tribe there, I would like to know if in any way you can help me, my English is not very good, I beg your pardon For posting here But I do not understand very well how to send the ticket because of my language difference, if somehow I could contact you I would be very happy about it and can still playing with my friends, a thousand apologies for annoying, greetings!

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