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  1. HawkZoned

    Manticore boss fight

    Tek Sword and Shield only drop from the Ragnarok version.
  2. HawkZoned

    Need to start near an Obelix to claim transferred gear

    South 1. It's incredibly close to red and is a short walk.
  3. HawkZoned

    Rock Element Blueprint ?

    Rock Elemental saddles can be acquired from any drop on SE as of the TLC patch.
  4. HawkZoned


    Yup. You'll take him down EZ-PZ. Just make sure you don't run up to close to him, attack his wings or he'll boot.
  5. HawkZoned

    Damage + areas on Scorched Earth

    6x damage doesn't apply unless you are built on/around the platform of an Obelisk or inside a Cave. You will know if you are inside a cave if that's what your location says on your inventory screen. Scorched Caves are.. Ruins of Nosti, Grave of Tyrants and The Old Tunnels
  6. HawkZoned

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    Rex or Giga You can use Wyverns but if you do, bring 2 or 3.
  7. HawkZoned

    Tek Generator and electrical storms

    I feel like it has a lesser chance than a normal generator to be shut off by a storm.
  8. HawkZoned

    Tek tier On scorched Earth

    I don't think the Ragnarok devs wanted the fight to be impossible like pre-nerf Center was.
  9. HawkZoned

    Tek tier On scorched Earth

    The Manticore offers all of the same Tekgrams as the Megapithecus does.
  10. HawkZoned

    Are we ever going to get a tek cave for SE?

    Ascension is planned for the Manticore although I don't know when it'll arrive. Jeremy said in one of the last few Digests that Scorched Earth is slated to get an Ascension Cinematic that shows you going from SE to Aberration.
  11. HawkZoned

    Can we find rex saddle bp in SE red drops ?

    Yes, although you'd have a higher chance of finding them in the red desert drops.
  12. HawkZoned

    Manticore Boss and TRex

    Rexes are more than capable of killing the Manticore. When it lands you CANNOT run up to it or it'll take off. When it lands, run up and bite its wings. It will not take off unless someone gets too close. Another alternate strategy that works amazing is bringing in a bunch of Lightning or Fire Wyverns and lighting his ass up. That's how my tribe beats Alpha Manticore since he never lands on that difficulty..
  13. HawkZoned

    SE and the Phoenix. Location discussion.

    Phoenixes can spawn anywhere on the map during a heatwave and turn into a pile of ash when it ends. When the heatwave returns, it'll respawn wherever its ashes fell (usually right below where it was flying when the heatwave ended). If you find a Phoenix (they fly VERY close to the ceiling), pay attention to where its ashes drop at the end of a heatwave and build a trap over it so next time the heatwave happens, the Phoenix spawns inside your trap. I also recommend bringing a Fire Wyvern so when it respawns you can just torch it and not take any damage from its fireball.
  14. HawkZoned

    SE super heatwave

    Weather patterns on SE vary from day to day and happen every 30+ minutes. When one weather event ends you have at least 30 minutes before the next one starts.
  15. HawkZoned

    beacons so much better in SE?

    Generally, yes, Scorched Earth has higher quality loot drops than the other maps. If you really want to pull an amazing loot haul, go hunting for desert drops at night in the dunes (SE equivalent to deep sea drops on Island/Center or surface drops on Aberration but MUCH MUCH better).