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  1. Day Zero: Server Information

    Sometime between 12am EST and 8am EST.
  2. Day Zero: Server Information

    No. When the servers are offline nothing happens.
  3. PS4 Scorched Earth can't be accessed in Official, Unofficial or Singleplayer We've tried deleting and reinstalling both expansion and full game to no success Restoring content licenses doesn't do anything Whenever we try to load Scorched Earth we either get an error code beginning with "WC" (I don't remember the numbers that followed) or we're taken to the PS Store to buy the expansion. We both have the Survivor's Pack which includes Vanilla ARK and Scorched. EDIT: It doesn't say we don't own Scorched Earth in the main menu above the JOIN ARK button. Only when we try to load up an SE server, even though we do own it.
  4. pvp Can I change ID in ARK?

    No, your ID is the same as your PSN and can't be changed unless you make a new account. ON THE OTHER HAND... you can change your character's name at the sacrifice of making a new one when you die.
  5. Hard Dragon

    It might have to do with the fact that the Dragon Arena is below the map and the teleport coding is bugged or the arena's not loading when it should be
  6. [PS4] Character Transfer Question

    Your character uploads to the ARK when you hit "Travel to another Server" in a supply drop, transmitter or Obelisk terminal and join a new server.
  7. Load Configuration Error

    1. PS4 Official Server 97 2. Happens whenever we get close to or on the side of our base facing an extremely laggy base next to us (and also on the way to our farming spots) 3. Two people are painted, many dinos are painted in our base. I'm not sure if anything in the other base near us has anyone/anything painted. We have SOME paintings around the base (maybe 2 or 3) as well as some war maps that are painted on as well. 4. I can play single player and unofficials just fine.. My tribemates are the ones having the issue repeatedly. Prim+ works the same is always has; No issues there. 5 and 6 - Yes and yes, the issue hasn't gone away after they've done this multiple times and counting...
  8. Lightning storm not doing anything?

    Lightning storms have a 60% chance to knock-out your electrical generators / wind turbines. Turbines out in the Dunes have about a 5% chance to be Knocked Out.
  9. Community Crunch 84!

    Community Crunch is a COMMUNITY showcase for everyone, not just you. If you want a personal showcase, compile a bunch of images on Imgur or something and post it on the PlayArk subreddit or something. Take into consideration that they've even went into past weeks' crunches to make you a winner, and for you to be bitching here in a post that it's starting to get "personal" just shows that you're nothing more or less than a self-centered brat. Seriously dude, grow some balls and get over it.
  10. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can we get a Scorched Earth Mega-Update with new dinos, new wyvern types, new artifact caves and maybe even a new boss (Manticore gets lonely, you know?) and the ability to breed mantises and wyverns?
  11. PGM Issues

    I'm having the same issues with you.... good internet speed (check), PS4 with no issues (check)... ARK letting me generate before crashing OVER AND OVER AND OVER (CHECK)