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  1. Im going for the Aiolornis incredibilis (formerly Teratornis incredibilis) also known as the giant condor, with a wingspan of up to approximately 5 Meters.
  2. Do you actually believe this? (if so how old are you?) Reporting people who "mess up" the game is good but if you are using a "inappropriate" word (even a part of it) you weren't thinking about the nice flowers growing in the Writhing Swamps were you.. its like killing someone with half a knife.. the target is still dead. I wont even mention your second post.... But on topic I love these leeches common guys. going to the swamps if those creepy-crawlers are there waiting to hop on.. damn
  3. Hahahahaha that first scene with the grappling hook made my day. This is going to be a fun addition to the Ark for sure.
  4. Damn….. #turns around to renew his fishing license.
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