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  1. Is there ever gonna be another digest? Havent seen one in a long time. Just curious
  2. heck yea great digest happy slqpg8r's mystic episode made it ? hope everynightriot can be featured on here as well. he does some great covers of dinos as well. but still a very good digest none the less. welcome ps4 members.
  3. I was curious about the rex saddle and also the parasaur saddle. the other was the leather hat that we usually see sl1pg8r, zuilgen, and everynightriot make their characters wear lol
  4. Phew ok thats good to hear. thanks again gamer. always quick with the reliable info. ???
  5. Hmmm why does ps4 get the giga skin? The manticor armor skins I'm not mad about since me and my tribe can kill it legitimately and get the armor skins that way. but seriously is xbox gonna get it as well or is this gonna turn into another sony exclusive bs type of deal like cod and destiny?
  6. Ok ty again really wanting the genisis and aca mod to come to console ??
  7. Ty gamerperection. also heard a runor that the Valhalla and ragnarok mod is coming to console along with the Genesis mod and a few others. you know anything on that or is it as it is a rumor?
  8. Im seeing cyber giga skins... is that a mod? or has us on xbox not recieved it yet?
  9. Is there any way we can get Annunaki Genesis onto the Xbox one please. Saw sl1pg8r and everynightriot play with this mod along with zuiljin and would love for this to come to the console.
  10. Need the jerky patch need something else besides the preserving campfire it burns through oil and powder like crazy. Pelican taming is bugged the pelican and allo I saddles also still need to be added in prim+ also whenever I tamed the tape and archa the dossier never pops up and never adds to my profile. Idk also in single when crouched and then stand back up can't move have to recrouch go outside of base stand then able to stand and run around base again. Might be a personal bug on my end. Please more dif stair types beside spiraling stair cases. Also fish bait is bugged was on an official server todymay tried to craft it and I had two stacks of fresh poultry and it wouldn't craft. Also limestone is bugged. Ty wildcard prob sure y'all already had these submitted to you but keep up the good work.
  11. Oh god.... Let the nightmares begin... Lol giant praying mantis and its smart as heck and tamable. Lol I see trolls in the future with these guys.
  12. Moth Queen of all the bugs on the island
  13. Ok idk if this is true or not if it is I hope its a bug. Apparently the titano cant be a permanent tame ???? why put such a kicka$$ herbo in here that is only able to be kept for a limited time as a tame and so few as 3 on a map at a time? Ive had no complaints against ark or WC at all but now the Dino I been waiting for is coming with bull and then brings a Nerf to gigas and pteras?! Wth! Can we not listen to the cry baby squeekers who's parents let them play this game when they should be doing homework or studying and listen to us adults who play this game and understand this game for what it is. Really wild card I wait to hear about the titano fix or reason of this if it is true. And for those complaining about gigas I'll leave a note. My female Rex daughter of 2 perf tame Rex's final lvl 298 has defeated many tamed gigas and has went toe to toe with low lvl gigas. So don't say some can't beat a giga. I have also seen people on quetzs stay above a giga and just peck at it from above until dead tame and wilds. To sum it up peeps to be reckless with your dinos lvl them up properly and they'll be war machine's. Heck copy some youtubers if need be. I know I may be rubbing off some people wrong but as an adult and a person that works for a living I just wanna play this game with the stuff you release that you say your giving. And I know its still in alpha stage (applause for still making a great game that's not complete) but we still have a little of expectations that want to be met. Again if anyone know if this is true or false please let me know. I read a lot if threads and forums and all are saying what I have stated here.
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