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  1. anmar06

    pvp Alpha Tribe Being Bullies

    if they are blocking drops or obs you can take a picture of the blockage with the tribes name and send it to the devs thru twitter they will get automatically wiped. that's one of they new things they are trying to do with these updates ive heard of a few people taking out some alphas like that
  2. Yeah if they actually release it like they use to!!!!!!!
  3. So we got this cluster going we have aberration, center and ragnarok all clustered and ready to transfer between servers. these are pvp servers but we can come with an arrangement. All 3 servers have the same stats so no one is more boosted than the other. 5x on xp, taming and harvesting. message me here or on xbox. gt is anmar0689.we will give you starter dino. we will glad to have you along!
  4. My friend is hosting a center map that is clustered to his friends ragnarok server. the center server has 20 slots, we can get more if more people get on. there are going to be events coming soon. we play both servers. if youre interested send me a message on xbox anmar0689. We will be also adding arbberation to the cluster in the near future.
  5. anmar06

    Bringing the Fight to Supremacy on Xbox

    come join an unofficial pc server
  6. anmar06

    umm what the hell devs?

    So I get on to my usual routine getting on ark and feeding my dinos and lord to be hold they died. well I look on my tribe log to see if I got attacked, but really doubt it, and they died, they decayed wow really? one day? my lvl 200somethin rock drake gone DILO? this is on an official pvp server. I for one will not be playing arrberation anymore. thanks devs! way to loose me again!
  7. Looking for a friendly island map so my buddies and me can do the boss battles as soon as were done were gone. let me know thanks!