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  1. I've always gotten the update when xbox receives them. My problem is that the updates are always larger on windows.
  2. @SpoopyGhost I read the rules and I have some questions. Is there anything against multiple bases, as long as we're not blocking resource spawn? How often does the server get a fresh wipe? In the rules it says that passive tames can't be killed if there near you base. Can we build a fenced area with pillars that contains our creatures by our base?
  3. Can I join right now? My friends will join in about 3-4 hours. My gamertag is kayvoss11
  4. Me and some friends are looking for a server to join. Do you know how many people are on the servers and if we'll get wiped when we try to build up? Also are you able to get 100% imprint? thx
  5. How would I go about looking into this server or joining?
  6. Looking for PvP server A couple of friends and I are looking for a PvP server to join. We would like one that is casual and nice(we don’t want to get destroyed when we’re trying to build up). We want slightly boosted rates. My friends like the PvP, while I like to breed creatures and build. Thank you!
  7. No Supply Beacons I run a dedicated ark server of a spare Xbox for me and some friends. A couple of days ago loot beckons aren’t spawning. They were when we first began the server. Anyone know a solution? Thanks!
  8. Is there a way to enable the Halloween event for Nitrado servers? It's not in the event list. Thanks!
  9. unless you have a server, you can't.
  10. What would I need to do this solo? What creatures would I need and what gear? Also whats the strategy on doing Alpha Rockwell Solo? Thanks!
  11. Kayvoss


    Good thing there's not an ARK PETA. lol
  12. I don't wait 5 minutes to change it, so that's my problem. Thanks!
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