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  1. Is there a way to enable the Halloween event for Nitrado servers? It's not in the event list. Thanks!
  2. unless you have a server, you can't.
  3. What would I need to do this solo? What creatures would I need and what gear? Also whats the strategy on doing Alpha Rockwell Solo? Thanks!
  4. Kayvoss


    Good thing there's not an ARK PETA. lol
  5. I don't wait 5 minutes to change it, so that's my problem. Thanks!
  6. Whenever I try to modify a setting in the ini, it reverts back. I stop the server and wait until it's completely stopped. I change it, then save the changes, when I turn the server back on, the setting didn't change. Any idea on what's going on? thanks!
  7. Does anyone know a cave-ish place to build a low profile PvP base? I want it big enough to put a behemoth gate on to get big dinos in and out, but small enough to defend.
  8. When you come into render distance of things, dinos render first, then structures. So in that short amount of time, a dino can move around through structures until the structures themselves render in.
  9. Do dinos gain XP in a cyrofridge like how players can gain xp in the sleeping pods?
  10. I have an Xbox PvP cluster that you can join if you would like. It has the island, Ragnarok, and aberration. I might add more maps to it if more people join. We're all nice and don't fight unless we both declare war. Message me if you are interested
  11. Yes, My server has the normal 150 cap. In my opinion, anything higher than that is just a waste of time and resources. Since the dino is higher level, it has higher torpor so you'll have to take the time to get all the extra resources for the extra darts, narcotics, etc
  12. When I used to have a dedicated server, I ran into that problem a lot. What I did to solve this was, shut down the server and close the game entirely( hit "start" and hit " X close". Then restart the Xbox. Meanwhile, whoever is having issues connecting to the server do the same thing. Sometimes restarting it doesn't help, so in that case power off the Xbox's then turn them back on. Otherwise, make sure You all have the most recent version of the game.
  13. Kayvoss

    Base Location

    AS the title states where is a good PvE base location? Id prefer somewhere that has late game materials near it at near a spot the megalos spawn since they're pretty much the rex of aberration.
  14. As the title states, I'm looking for a place to build a PvE base. I have a Nitrado Cluster and I'm adding Aberration to it. I'd like a location where its near resources as well as near a surface entrance. Thanks!
  15. Where is this hidden metal cave?
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