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  1. Tribute Requirements I'm looking to change the tribute requirements needed to start a boss fight on a Nitrado server. Is there a site that does it for you? I have Beacon, but I couldn't find an option to do that on it. Thanks
  2. Bro. This is the Xbox forums... Maybe go to the PS4 Forums. We have different issues than PS4
  3. Oh yeah, you can put it in a fridge. Forgot about that. I'm on Valguero, so I have a surpluss of exceptional kibble from dieno eggs. I just use exceptional kibble for all of his imprint kibble wants
  4. I just finished raising a lvl 140 magmasaur. I was on an unofficial with baby food consumption at .25x. It took 14 ambergris, not including the three times it wanted it for an imprint. I'd get more, it has a fairly fast spoiling timer,doesn't stack, and yours will have a different food stat then mine. I had to go and get more halfway through.
  5. Key word is "civil" most people don't know what that is. lol
  6. If I remember correctly, All X creatures take 40% less torpor than normal creatures. So it'll take more to knock one out. Also projectiles tend to de-sync when hitting a fast moving target, especially with a slingshot.
  7. 500 food. But babies can't "hold" that much food, so it decreases back down to its maximum at the stage it's in.
  8. My brother and I have been using 18 rexes all with 100+ saddles, 25k health, and roughly 700% melee damage. 1 yuty with 126 saddle, 3k stm, and 25k hp. And a ridden velono with 62 saddle and 5k stm(He stays in the back and shoots). So far we've done Beta twice with no losses lowest Rex gets to 5k hp, but the manticore didn't glitch those two times.
  9. If you're sing Nitrado for the servers, under Settings go to CrossArk and enable CrossArk. Under Cluster ID hit "Generate new cluster ID". When a ID comes up copy that and paste it in the same spot on your other servers settings. Make sure both servers have CrossArk enabled and have the same ID for it.
  10. Download the Beacon app, it allows you to add spawns without going into the ini. However not sure if they have Genesis creatures on it yet. beacon: https://beaconapp.cc/
  11. If I remember correctly you have to push down on the right stick.
  12. Probably so people would use a lot of them. I wonder if people who come here to complain even read the community crunches.
  13. Genesis versions Yes, I know genesis isn't cross play. My question is how would i know which one is for Windows 10? Also if i get that copy will I be able to play on a nitrado xbox genesis server? Or do I have to get it for xbox and play on xbox for nitrado? thanks
  14. Kayvoss

    Don't buy Genesis

    That's why so many people have gone to unofficial. You don't have to worry about all this due to assigned admins. If someone is doing something that you don't like, ban em. On unofficial you can play with whoever you want. Stop whining. Everyone knows the risks of playing on official.
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