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  1. I love that cinematic! 10/10 work on that part. Insert joke about the code of the game being a rotten skeleton here lmao
  2. So, I beat the manticore a little while ago for the first time in a while on a new character. The only time I've done it on SE was... that time. I used to just fight it on rag due to where my main server was (am on official), and always got both the sword and shield engram. However, this time around, either I had it and lost it with some of the rollbacks somehow or I just didn't get it, but I don't have it. I have the shield, which is supposedly a rag engram, but not sword. Wiki's giving me conflicting results. On the manticore page, it only shows the shield and has no options for picking the different fights (rag and val to be specific). I double checked my bases with the dragon's engrams, and it doesn't mention sword or shield in the island, rag, or val sections. On the Tek Blueprints page, however, it says Beta Rag, Alpha Manticore, and the Forest TItan. Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks! Edit: Forgot a point about the blueprints page when checking the wiki.
  3. The tapejara has 3 saddle seats- I think having the restriction for the driver not being able to shoot is negated by having 2 gunners. Griffins were fun mounts that could be used mainly for combat and speed, but now kinda... suck. It shouldn't be that way since they're an official creature only available on 1 map, plus being considered mythical. All of the other mythical creatures are useful in some way; the griffin's been replaced by something that shouldn't have replaced it in the first place. Owls were meant to be more utility-based even with the divebomb, while griffins should have been more damage.
  4. Griffins are a standard tame. There is no reason that they should not be breedable other than mythical, yet owls overshadow them (and they technically are mythical creatures- they, in ARK's reiteration, do NOT EXIST!). Snakes should be added to this list too- why can't we breed them? You can breed hesperornis, and they have the golden eggs.
  5. I hope they at least do a temporary breed boost, like from thursday-Easter Sunday, which, of course, is this sunday.
  6. Do we have any form of confirmation for near when about the kibble rework will launch? (p.s. shameless plug for my creature mindwipe idea in suggestions that I posted about a week ago)
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