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  1. I don't think anything should be changed based on pve, afterall, pve is just the real game with loads of things disabled to give new or casual players a "safe space"
  2. Then why even comment? Your experience helps literally nobody. Theres not even reason to breed on a server like that, you can probably kill bosses with wild tamed. And then nobody cares if you have tek anyway because your server has like 4 people and 3 of them already admin spawned it in.
  3. CaptoBraunch

    Reaper King

    How about that Reaper King buff? Anyone got some feedback? Are they worth raising yet? A good roll, 100% imprint max lvl King should melt a 20k 600% mega in a 1v1, no charge. To make them worth it in my eyes. Even with charge honestly
  4. Well, 2 days in since a heart wrenching total foundation wipe, i woke up to my remote 2x2 vegetable hut being rocketed, because why not. I hid until the wyvern flew off, and to my surprise the carrots were completely unharmed! Praise the alphas! My plans to make dodo kibble would not be delayed. Soon I was in the redwoods on my iguana, Don, scouting for a good ptera. Was having zero luck. Got jumped by a silent ninja rex from behind, luckily he was lvl 20. Just as i was about to drop him, a pego robs me of my 17 kibble. i look around and see one scuttling off, chase him down, kill him, he's carrying 26 wood and NO kibble. Excellent.
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