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  1. Ah, ours is OC also. None of my tribemates can transfer to the OC Rag server. That is somewhat of a relief knowing it's not my character. Luckily my son's character was on there so he can keep things fed. Thanks for the confirmation.
  2. I can transfer to and from any of my other servers. When I transfer TO the server it doesn't give me the option to download my character, it only gives me the option to create a new one. None of my tribemates have been able to transfer INTO Ragnarock. Another tribemate had a character on there already and was able to log in and move around with no problems. But no one from my tribe can transfer back into the server. Has anyone had issues with this in the past and what have you done to correct it? W
  3. Would be great if you had a 3X breeding event over a weekend or period of time. Give me a chance to raise another 200 base melee damage giga that disappeared from my barn two weeks ago.  

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