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  1. Leeds don't need to be nerfed, players need to be buffed. Unfortunately WC can't give brains to people P.S. Leed spawns on Ragnarok were removed, you weren't lucky.
  2. Why do you think it's gonna be 3 creatures ?
  3. Between wife, work and family, i don't get much time
  4. So first, people leave their dinos like that. Then they complain about gasbags needing a fix.
  5. You progress the same way as in multiplayer....just harder, cuz things don't grow while you're offline ( i.e. crops ). Your best bet is to get rexes, breed them and (attempt to ) kill the bosses with them. You could get away with Therizinos for most part, but they're harder to breed. I do use megatheriums for the Broodmother and they work just fine. All of those need a Yuti and optionally a pig for extra heals. And while you can do all this with just tamed dinos, it won't get you farther than gamma ( the easiest bosses ) bosses. Like it or not, dino breeding is the way you need to go to progress in the game. Your character stats are largely irrelevant for most of the boss fights. On the saddles part - you will have to run the caves anyway ( for the boss artifacts ) - that's where you get your saddle BP's from. Oh and yea, i would scrap the idea of beating all the bosses before level 100 - those levels mean nothing in the game. The things you need to achieve to beat the bosses will take a while longer than reaching lvl 100.
  6. Nah, i think someone pushed you with a gasbags ! Devs should fix those !!!! /s
  7. Auto correct at it's best
  8. That's exactly why people were thinking the Earth is flat - they were drawing conclusions based on what they see
  9. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but....you're wrong: We don't know the numbers on PS4/Xbox etc., but at least the steam version is still pretty healthy.
  10. I play PvE and i don't want this back.
  11. As i mentioned above - i can run in DX11 mode, with terrain shadows set to LOW, and i haven't crashed in ages. Yes it's inconvenient, but it also works, and it's way better than DX10. If you refuse to swallow the loss of terrain shadows as a workaround, you're either stuck with DX10 or a crashing game. I for one would rather play the game, even if my 2080 can handle terrain shadows on epic. It's unfortunate and it's pissing me off, but it's better than declaring the game "unusable on rtx" or refusing to play it. Not to mention complaining on the forums. I am sure they are aware of the issue and a) might be working on it or b) might have no idea what to do to fix it. In either case, things are what they are, additional complaints will not solve anything.
  12. The default view will show all engrams from all dlc's.
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