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  1. Lost Ark Ragnarok (EASY TEK, CUSTOM DROPS, NO ABERRATION DLC NEEDED) & Lost Ark Ragnarok 2 (Custom Drops, Easy Tek, Boosted) w/crossplay enabled New clean server has been added for everyone to play. The goal for the server is for everyone can join and build up so server vs server war can happen. All same stats will be applied and rates. Perks: -Instant 150 Levels for all Players -Custom Drops and Aberration Spawns -Aberration Resources in Drops -Unlocked Aberration Engrams -Reduced Cost for industrial forge and other structures (tek). -Player weight increase x50 -Tame weight increased x10 -Admin Logging Enabled -Tek Replicator Unlocked for all Custom Loot Crates: *All have higher than primitive* White Crate: Blue, Green, and Red Gems Fungal Wood Wyvern Milk Green Crate: All Dino Egg Kibble Player Consumables ( i.g. stews, recipes ) Blue w/ring Crate: Tools Aberration Items ( Climbing Picks, Glider Suits) Purple w/ring Crate: Firearms Yellow w/ring Crate All armor Red w/ring Crate: Saddles for all dinos Custom Dino Spawns: All Aberration Dinos expect the giant crab Server Name: Ragnarok: Lost Ark Ragnarok (EASY TEK, CUSTOM DROPS, ABERRATION NO DLC) NEW SERVER: Lost Ark Ragnarok 2 (Custom Drops, Easy Tek, Boosted) Maps: Ragnarok Rules: * No building in caves. * No major blocking resources (Metal and Obsidian) * Raid and leave * DON'T WIPE TRIBES * Let tribes build (white flag system) Rates: * 8x XP * 8x Taming (16x on weekends) * 20x Gathering * 60x Maturing, 200x Hatch Speed * 5x Boosted Supply Drops and Fish Loot * Player per level weight, speed, stamina, oxygen, health and fortitude increased * Max Wild Dino Level 150 DOUBLE TAMING EVERY WEEKEND How to Join: Filter "unofficial PC sessions" and search 'Lost Ark' then this server should come….. “Lost Ark Ragnarok (EASY TEK, CUSTOM DROPS, NO DLC NEEDED)” or "Lost Ark Ragnarok 2 (Custom Drops, Easy Tek, Boosted)' DISCORD: Join our discord for more info or questions: Discord Code: yS9s6RH https://discord.gg/yS9s6RH NEW SERVER : https://discord.gg/rCj2xye