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  1. Can you give me the link to this form?
  2. LEGACY-PVE-NA-Valguero930 I'm coming here to complain about the server that was unstable for days and has now stopped working. (LEGACY-PVE-NA-Valguero930) this one that a few months ago was opened and with the arrival of the new genisis map and its version update was left out of the network and never returned. I show here my dissatisfaction with ark support and server management that is flawed and has been dragging on for a few years. No two players face many mistakes where we lose things in the game beyond the time in our lives that the ark takes us to each modification that the game brings, which in turn is one worse than the other. In old players we need more respect and consideration because it is through us that this game is still getting its success. I hope that this server will be recovered as soon as possible to return to the game and recover our work and time spent with the achievements and game dynamics. I hope that our efforts have not been in vain. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/447495
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