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  1. I asked because it was written in the article.
  2. Jojo


    Is this the new Boss?
  3. One more climber, but where are the snakes?
  4. until

    First Look was great, hope we would get this performance on PC.
  5. Jojo

    Community Crunch 30!

    I like the fiirst Fanart -
  6. I will join the event
  7. Jojo

    ARK: Dodo Evolved

    The turk is misplaced Nice Artwork/Screenshot! I would like the same with a giganoto
  8. Jojo

    The Fiery Geek

    I would run away if I encounter with this badass guy
  9. Jojo

    All Seeing Bird

    Nice guardians on your side
  10. Creepy shark, I think Paracers are missing in your collection
  11. Now I know where you got theusername
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