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  1. That Role Play mod would be awesome!
  2. I made a taming raft (a very make shift raft) and started travelling north. I went all the way around the snow, almost to the part of the beach where our old base was and where we raided that guy with all the storage boxes. I was looking for a mammoth, but every time I would see one by itself, a pack of wolves would literally spawn in and kill it. Needless to say it was very frustrating. Then I saw 2 on the shore which looked to be relatively safe from Wolves, Argies & Rexes. So I modified the boat a bit, and managed to get it to glitch onto the boat for an escort back to our island where I would knock her out and tame it. But because of the threat of whales, I still had to stick close to the shoreline, and low and behold I got to the very last piece of land before crossing the ocean to our island, and the stupid mammoth glitched off the boat. Couldn’t get her back on, and even managed to beach my raft (I couldn’t move it at all lol it was completely out of the water). We were pretty close to home though, so I thought stuff it, ill tame her here. I got her down, spiked all around her. The area looked pretty cruisy though, except there was one lvl 35 Spino a little way away. So I even put a line of spikes in the Spinos direction. Eventually, the Spino kept creeping closer and closer, and I thought to myself – “I’m going to have to deal with this”. I thought if I put an arrow in it, it would run at me (I was behind the spikes so felt pretty comfortable). I put an arrow in its big fat fin, and it starts charging at me. IT RUNS STRAIGHT OVER THE SPIKES! I keep hitting it, it did this weird lap out at sea, then I hid on the other side of the spikes and kept arrowing it. It came back and started munching on the spikes around the mammoth, finally I thought, it would die. Then I realised, the mammoth was getting super bloody and making noises as though it was in distress. All this time I was continually putting arrows in it, and it finally died. I checked the mammoths health, 146 left. One more chomp and I think it would have died. Crisis averted. Holy crap can Spino’s move fast! I decided that because he had lost so much health, ill shove the food in him now because the taming effectiveness was going to be so low anyway. He got to 30%.  I knew there was no room for error now with so little health left. So I stuffed around, made a few stone railings and what not with the limited resources that I had available and just killed time while he tamed. At 80%, the unthinkable happened. I was rebuilding the boat because the other one was beached, and moving stuff from one storage to another. I got attacked. A Troodon knocked me out in one hit. OR SO I THOUGHT. I had just spent 2 and a half hours finding this raptoring mammoth and taming it, and a Troodon was circling my unconscious body on the raft, slowly but surely killing me then it would move on to the mammoth (where I was, was literally at the entrance to the mammoth thru the spikes). Then it happened. You were killed by a Level 15 Eurypterid. A WHAT? I respawned on the boat, it knocked me out instantly and destroyed the bed. raptor! Thankfully, I put a sleeping bag down half way up the hill in case of emergency. I ran down to the boat and saw the little POS, which looked like a scorpion floating in the air. It moved away from my first bag, I grabbed the bag then killed it. The mammoth tamed, I crossed to our island and a whale knocked the mammoth off the boat right near shore. I got the mammoth back on (bear in mind I had no saddle so it was all just whistling) and that’s where I saw the small insert tribe name base. Only wood, we should definitely pay them a visit for some revenge. Got him home but by then it was super late and I didn’t even get to test him out. Left him in the middle of our big base cause he only fits through the behemoth gates, really hope he survives. I put his saddle on him just to give him some more protection!
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