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  1. 17 hours ago, ccz2887 said:

    I hope it is!  Frankly I don’t give a dodo’s egg shooter about Ark 2, and if others had their priorities straight neither would they.  Hey it’s nice to see what those 70 fixes are (sarcasm), if it’s exploits great and don’t go into great detail.  We all know that and for obvious reasons, but it’s all nothing but exploits and mesh fixes then that says A LOT about the devs and should bring to the fore front a complaint that has gone on for years about TESTING YOUR GAME WC!  It can be done, where there’s a will there’s a way.  Can we finally get some fixes to the servers for stability??? I have lost a lot of interest as well as other players just because of the server instability.  People don’t even run that many missions on Gen 2 anymore or actually really enjoy the map because of the raptoring rollbacks.  

    i lost interest right the moment they announce ark2 months before gen2 release :D cause by announce ark 2 that was like putting a clock on ark 1 days to remain online which made me fell like everything after that announce being pointless to push more foward and care for the game and my stuff cause at any giving moments they will shutdown the servers so i beat gen2 before the servers open cause i knew it would break the servers even more (i said before gen2 come on it would be full of problems and servers crash guess i was right again) and give all my stuff to a newbie and left the game, waiting and hoping ark 2 will be build from scratch and not having all the poop show this first one had but as im writing this i remember that snailgames owns wildcard and they are chinese company which they have very little care about the consumes and more focus in making money, look at all games own by snailgames and you will understand

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Alysson said:

    I only have ONE concern: after this last year of events, will the servers remain opened?

    I mean, I will miss the events a lot, and the colors, oh guy the colors... but if the servers stay open I wont care to go buy skins on HLNA, that's nice. I just worry about spending time on something that might close and lose all my valuable pixels.

    you can bet all your dinos that the servers have their days number, wanna know why, take a look and read when ark went from alpha to official launch and what what happen to the promises that wildcard made for the legacy servers and what they did after the official launch

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  3. On 2/16/2022 at 10:32 PM, ccz2887 said:

    I’d be interested in more info about the animated series, but as for as Ark 2, that should be delayed.  I’d be willing to wait and pay $150 for Ark 2 if it came out in 2025 if it meant that it was developed well and fixes to Ark 1 were placed on the priority list.  That would give them time to work things out with Sony so it could come to PS at the same time it came to console and Xbox.  I don’t have high hopes for Ark 2 after seeing the last 6 years of Ark 1.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are sooo many things that Ark 1 is leaving on the table that might not be a good fit for Ark 2, and IMO that would be a better option than to ditch Ark 1 for a newer questionable version that has a very good probability of being crap.

    dude you know its a chinese company that owns wildcard right? you thing they will ever fix anything? money all the way screw their buyers

  4. On 7/23/2021 at 6:25 AM, LockedFor14Minutes said:

    I restarted Ark after a 1.5 year break, and I have lost 2 characters in under a month. The first time was after completing the Genesis 1 boss, but it magically came back into the cloud after 2 hours. The 2nd time was when I completed the Genesis 2 boss, and this time it was gone forever. 

    This is the 6th character I have lost in the few years I have been playing, I do not wish to play this game anymore as it is clear they do care to fix the issue. There is no point to anything. The assistance they provide if you write a ticket is beyond useless as well. It is, and always has been, easier to just start all over again than go through the process of 'help' they provide. 

    I can't vote in the poll though for some reason, perhaps because I have a new forums account. I really hope that in Ark 2 they have a better system in place to prevent this from happening. 

    the process of 'help' they provide is to encorage you to quit the game and doing so no more tickets to copy/paste a reply so they dont waste more time doing it, they already got your money so why wast time to help you?

  5. Hi, i was on rockwell heart killing stuff to lvl up my baby reaper when i got attack by a noglin and giga kill me, when i reach my body i sough the giga attacking something but after retriving the stuff from my body giga was gone nowhere to be found and is not on tribe list as dead so he migh have mesh and teleport somewhere else, pls i need help since that giga as the only max out saddle for them, GM Aytho refuse to help and close ticket by given a copy/paste reply saying there is no reiumburse for genesis 2 when i ask help whit finding a dino that just disappear and might be somewhere in the map!!!!

  6. damn your servers are trash right now, full of box tribes duping like there's no tomorrow to build giant empty bases to sell for real cash, and here's why duping and evading chinese will never being ban for that, Snail Games USA Acquired Studio Wildcard, Developer of ARK, In December, 2015. ... So now you know why ARK is slowly being turned into a major franchise, courtesy of Snail Games. The Chinese game developer and publisher owns Studio Wildcard and, by extension, the ARK franchise.

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  7. 8 hours ago, St1ckyBandit said:

    You'd have to be a moron to be surprised about arks awful launch states even after multiple delays, but judging by some of the blind faith posts here, that seems to be exactly what were dealing with.

    btw since you know so much about wildcard and love them soo much to give them soo much support, awnser me this: who owns the company?

  8. 10 hours ago, GordoGoH said:

    i can play gen 1 almost perfectly on an old xbox, so idk what you're doing wrong but gen 1 runs fine.

    well im correnctly playing on pc and i can tell you gen 1 its unstable as hell, plus really depends if you have chinese on you server whit mega giant empty bases waiting to be sold for real money and how many have tons of dinos out getting dust

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