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  1. NGM Smalltribe PvP Cluster Come check out this awesome Cluster! Visit https://ngm-community.godaddysites.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/JXzuZgB6bx This cluster was wiped on 6/6 Wipes only when necessary! Features: Awesome Spyglass: best spyglass ever! S+: Hatchery, nanny, imprinting, replicator, cooker, trough, forge, chem bench, omni-tool, multi-tool. Also structures can always be picked up. SoloFarm: Allowing one player to farm efficiently! Only 2 players in a tribe can use solofarm at a time per map. LethalsORP: Using /setorp in chat will set a 45 foundation bubble around your base protecting you while offline!(1 bubble per map) Crosschat including discord! Vote Rewards: Voting for us on TopArk will grant in game element, ingots, a chance at chibi's/bp's Ark Shop: Earn points by just playing on our cluster, or buy points/subscriptions to support the cluster and buy dino's/items to help you save time and progress! Tribe enforcer: We have tribes limited to 7 tribe members across all maps! Also you can only have 1 alliance, with 1 ally at one time to help prevent orp abuse! Server Events: World Boss: Alpha, Beta or Gamma Broodmother or Megapithecus Where: Valguero at ~ 70,70 coords. When: Sunday Noon Central time Wednesday 7pm Central time Rules: Do not build inside the arena zone, Tek works inside. Giga damage is reduced by 90%. PvP is strongly encouraged! In Development: Our own arena/auction house map(where world boss events will take place once its done.) We are constantly striving to better our cluster and hope you all come check us out! Rates: 5x XP 5x Maturation 3x Gathering 3x Taming
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