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  1. Rios9

    Most Creative Dino Names

    My highest level boss breeding female rex is named: Queen B (Beyonce) I got a quetz named: Slowazz Had a pego named: Divorce My fire wyvern is named: Lannister, he betrayed me one time I needed him to land and I got killed and lost all my loot. My mammoth is named: Mertesacker (Huge Tall german soccer defender) My wolf is named: Evee, after my real life dog lol she acts like a wolf Hmm cant remember any others right now...
  2. Rios9

    Ok now this is ridiculous

    Hey, Can I ask you a couple of questions straight up? Xbox : 1. Will there be more Rag legacy official servers? 2. Are legacy official servers on the island/scorched earth/the center going to be reviewed in the future to wipe some more? No Rag I guess because they are pretty new so. 3. Is there any future for legacy servers? There is a lot of doom talk about them and I wanna know if I am wasting my time. I know what people say, I know the rumours and I have read around some forums but not all not enough free time, I just want direct clear answers if you are able to provide them. Thanks,
  3. Rios9

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Anyone know if they will be adding more rag legacy pve servers on xbox? Last time I checked last night was still 4... 2 EU 2 NA Which is clearly more than enough for all of us.......
  4. Rios9

    Day One! Launch & More!

    I have not been able to play ragnarok or played much lately really, can you tell me what the transfer timers are like now? how it works now? Thanks,
  5. Rios9

    Day Zero: Server Information

    So that was about 8 hours ago, does any one know if more legacy ragnarok servers are up? (xbox) are there still just 2 pvp and 2 pve? Is that really it?
  6. Rios9

    Day One! Launch & More!

    There is no transfers (survivor/dinos/items) from legacy to > to legacy ragnarok? I thought you could do it that was the whole understanding behind it, and that was the whole reason behind legacy, if they are gonna end up wiping ALL legacy then why make legacy in the first place ? It makes no sense. But then again launching a game without servers also doesn't make any sense and that one did happen
  7. Rios9

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    So you are ok with losing all "imaginary stuff and dinos" that took around 2 years of people's time to build and get, but you are asking for "imaginary" "something cool and unique like an item skin or special engram". By imaginary I mean "digital in-game content", which seems to be what you are referring to... The truth is that US legacy players are being treated like crap, I dont think there are not a lot of popular game previews like ark, that consume SOOOO much time and planing, this isn't a rank, a CoD prestige, these are things that took a lot of planning and time and that is why it pisses people off, if Wildcard is going to create an open world of building/creating and taming you cant expect people not to be pissed off when they realise they can lose it all and "meh, just go start all over again"... About half of my ark-player friends are leaving as soon as Destiny 2 launches, which will be on Wednesday as they say, not half-way launched, or days later! Thanks a lot WC, EA takes my money but at least I get to play.
  8. Rios9

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Does anyone know what is going on with official legacy ragnarok pve servers on xbox? I see nothinggg.... Not one server.
  9. Rios9

    Legacy Ragnarok

    Same here, just checked on xbox and nothing. No Legacy pve or pvp nothing.
  10. Rios9

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Check on ark twitter, I read somewhere something about it
  11. Rios9

    Day Zero: Server Information

    PLEASE TELL THAT THERE ARE ENOUGH SERVERS AROUND ON XBOX ONE Delays, Delays on launch day, and then getting on once the servers are FINALLY up and finding out ALL servers are full, OMG....
  12. Rios9

    Day One! Launch & More!

    And I was about to leave work early..... man.
  13. Rios9

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    When you say ALL, are these pvp or pve or like ALL official servers are full?
  14. Rios9

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Update is out on xbox ? We can start downloading now? Im at work but I can get someone at home to download it lol