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  1. They will see the sales in september... probably only youtubers will buy it, cuz they need content.. GL Wildcard.
  2. Maybe this is a strategy too, to bankrupt the Snail and get rid of them or the contract and start fresh... Anyway, I wont pay this ridiculous amount of money for a remastered/reskin game that I already buy it.
  3. They can wait, as I will wait for a massive steam sale (65% up), to acually buy it at its worth reskin/remaster ark (whatever)
  4. Dust in the eyes... Wildcard. Do you really think gamers are that stupid? You removed Ark 2 from equation and increased the price... Wow, congrats... you win the prize for most unprofessional and unqualified seller. Bravo "sarcastic applause" 🤮🤢
  5. WC be like "lets put it out there, if community react bad we pretend its a april fools joke, if they react ok, we keep mug them off... win-win" I understand you guy need money to advance thru work, but look at other games how they do it, sell skins, sell new dlc`s, etc... you guys ask money for a game that "may" or not will be realeased at end of 2024 and I dont even know if I would like it or not... cuz if its all this missions genesis crap, ill defo not like it. Peace out... P.S. I still hope its a bad april fools joke
  6. Wow, the level of details on stego and brachi are awesome, good job guys. Now, im even more hyped for Ark 2 😄
  7. Vin Diesel in Ark? This means we can race and do tuning on dinos? The tropeo got nitrous oxide already 😂
  8. LOL, i play both PVE and PVP, its a big difference on ping, on pvp you dont have so many massive bases with 300+ dinos outside on every step, that why on pve ping its higher. On pvp ping is spot on, i can play normal, its like another level. That guy have a point, try pve and convince yourself
  9. Merry Christmas to all, devs and players. Wish you all the best for new year.
  10. AngelicVix3n, didnt know you are into artwork. Good job , btw. Fan of your yt channel.
  11. Then fix the problem, you have been informed and decide to ban HOD. I dont even play pvp because of mesh thing. #FreeHOD
  12. Nice event and congrats to owner of Fan Feature of the Week! That looks awsome
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