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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Now my Ragnarok single player save file is gone. Missing entirely. IfI load the game my character is still level 100, but everything is gone. Hundreds of hours of Base building.. Gone. Here's what happened: I left the game paused last night, after adding to my new base... I still planned more work. I used the "saveworld" command before I went to bed, and paused the game. When I unpaused the game today, the game ran for a few seconds then black screen crash to Xbox dashboard like the "normal" crash being discussed in this thread. I started the game again like normal, single player Ragnarok, and after loading, the spawn point UI appeared instead of loading me at my base. I've tried several times, rebooted the Xbox, checked my save files for the island, scorched Earth, and aberration - all are fine except Ragnarok. @Jatheish or anyone from Ark Dev or Ragnarok Dev - what gives? What next?
  2. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    My Ragnarok single player on xb1 has been crashing to the dashboard/home screen ever since the 99% Ragnarok map update. I found a way to minimize the problem by not flying/traveling too far or too fast, and by working on a base just west of the river mouth by the dessert/dunes area - with frequent use of the saveworld command to prevent bigger losses of progress.. but sometimes the game crashes when saveworld is used or when I choose to quit the game from the menu. However at some of my older bases in the old areas of that map with used to work fine, I get the crash within seconds of loading. I'm near a base now that I can't move away from without a crash and I can't use saveworld without the crash... So my Ragnarok single player Dave might be lost at this point. I'll try again later but I spent hours trying to get a save to work from different distance from the base and it crashes every time. @Jatheish @bubblywums @ARK Ragnarok devs... someone, please look into this, let us know what more we can provide you with to help solve the issue.
  3. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    I'm guessing this isn't a common crash some I couldn't spot any reports of it, but for me Ragnarok randomly and frequently exits to the Xbox dashboard, in single player. This happens in all areas of the map, with no specific cause that I can tell, ever since the last Xbox Ark update. Sometimes I can play for an hour or so, in other cases it happens within seconds of loading the game. Also can occur when quitting the game, and when doing a "saveworld" command through the ark command prompt. I've had hundreds of crashes in the days since the update, but have managed to explore the new map area. It's very nice but, losing progress with every crash, and having to saveworld constantly in order to make any progress at all is getting old. Anyone else having problems like this?
  4. Rock Drake Walking Away Bug

    This is still very much an issue, at least in single player Xbox. I'd imagine it happens on official severs too?
  5. Update: The game crashes to the Home screen even when you've exited gameplay and returned to the front end.
  6. I play single player mostly, and I often pause the game for a while and put it in the background, when I work, or watch TV through my Xbox. This worked well, and I could essentially stay logged in for days, without ever having to wait through the load time to start the game. But with the latest update, every time I leave the game in the background for a while, when I return, I see a black screen and then the Xbox Dashboard loads. This often loses progress, for anything done since the last autosave... (I've had to start invoking 'saveworld' via the console before I leave the game unattended). Aside from the lost progress, there is the front end and game load times. Can this be returned to the way it was before? Multitasking is a crucial feature.
  7. Xbox crashing when saving

    For me the crash is any time I tame while on a mount. Saveworld doesn't help in that case.
  8. PC & Xbox: Single Player & Dino Spawning

    @Jat Repeatable steps for SP Taming crash: 1. While riding an Argent or Dire Wolf, successfully use dotame on a wild dino (through a scope or just up close) 2. Use saveworld The game seems to crash every time - can anyone else confirm? Affects both the Island and SE. Surely there are other avenues to this crash, but it doesn't seem to happen when using dotame while off of a mount. I've had random crashes too - unrelated to taming (no tame since last save) and seen reports of long duration of travel, or lots of killing/harvesting leading to a crash at save... I'm starting to wonder if the SP game saves progress randomly anymore... Or only upon exit / saveworld? When I first had this bug, I lost over an hour's worth of progress/time in game when the crash finally hit. (Didn't have time to confirm other variations of this bug but hopefully being able to repeat this crash will help chase related crashes down)
  9. Xbox crashing when saving

    Interesting... I have had random crashes in single player, but the only consistent thing is: after Taming, if I exit the game, it drops to the XB dashboard, and fails to save. @Jat was interested in seeing video of the crash, so if you can get some in those circumstances that might help then sort it out? For a while today I was able to dotame and saveworld (seems to be the same effect as exciting the game) without causing the crash, but then I tried to tame a Wooly mammoth and when I did saveworld, the game crashed... Now I can't save after taming - the game ahead crashes. I'm going to try to get back to the state where the game handled this, and see if I can confirm any steps to reproduce.
  10. PC & Xbox: Single Player & Dino Spawning

    Ok got it. Apparently there is no way I can I PM the YouTube link to you? Here, I'll take it down later - let me know if you need it up for longer: Worth mentioning the bug only happened a few times, and then stopped occurring... even with the exact same dino that used to cause the crash *every time*, after a few attempts to get a better video, it tamed and saved fine, with no crash on exit. I'll play some more and see if it happens again. ____ UPDATE: I got the crash again after trying to dotame a Wooly Mammoth - this is the original creature that first caused the crash back when you guys first fixed the Dire Wolf infestation in the North. Do you need a video of this too @Jat? ____ Also to feed back on your OP, a few patches ago the millions of wolves in the North were replaced by lots of creatures I hadn't seen in months. There are plenty of wolves too, but finally we have diversity and respawns again. I'll check the caves next... They were almost all empty in the past. Update 2 - first cave I checked had creatures! Checking more.
  11. PC & Xbox: Single Player & Dino Spawning

    For the last few updates, I've had a repeated crash in single player, island, after taming, and trying to save. I'd hoped this latest update would solve it... If I tame then exit the game using the menu, the game either exits to the XB dashboard immediately, or hard crashes with corrupted sound. This also happens if I dotame then saveworld. Thought it might be the size of my save file (several bases, each with a good number of tames and items in storage) so I killed off a few dinos at each base, but no luck there. This isn't happening on scorched Earth but I don't have nearly as much in that world. I know this isn't what you're looking for, and I guess it's not happening to many others... But is there something I should know about limits on items/buildings/tames, or any idea what I did try so I can keep playing my single player game?
  12. Sigh... Even with the latest patch, I dotame'd a Kentro then did saveworld and the game immediately exited to the xb dashboard. Loading again I was back where I started. Anyone else having this issue?
  13. The single player game is freezing a lot lately... during gameplay, or when choosing to exit to the main menu. When exiting, the game either displays the loading screen with the Save progress indicator for a few moments, then goes black and then to the xb1 menu, or immediately does a hard crash with loud sound corruption like we've all seen in other xb1 crashes. Both types prevent a save from being made and all progress from the beginning of my session is lost. I haven't seen others reporting this, and I'd hoped the hotfix would have solved it... the problems is seen frequently after I tame and return a dino to my base, then exit the game to the front end any time after taming. This results in loss of progress... Even after a lot of time. I thought auto saves would have hit at some point but I've seen an hour's work lost setting me right back where I started. Anyway it seems related to taming and exciting the game from your base. I have several bases around the island, each with a bunch of tames - and the crash had been repeated at 3 of then so far - so if I'm hitting an upper limit on structures, items, and/or dinos, I thought the game would inform me/prevent overloading somehow, instead of hard crashing and losing progress. If anyone else can confirm this crash on their own single payer game, I'd appreciate it.
  14. Press the left analog joystick in, to turn on/off item names. (Unless you uncheck "quick toggle own names" from the Options menu.) For inventory item descriptions, select "toggle tool tips" at the right end of the search bar menu.
  15. L Thumbstick click disabled

    Confirmed. That's much better. Thanks for the heads up!