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  1. They keep talking about their stupid events and their new love for epic games while totally neglecting those that have supported them since day one. It’s incredulous that they have Multiple actual official servers that are dead and yet they spew on about this fluff.
  2. You are not the only official server down. Na official 80 has been down for over a day with not even a recognition from wc that there is a problem.
  3. good luck, mines been down for 24 hours with no thought to the players that play on it. Some kind of statement at least would be nice.
  4. my servers been down for like 24 hrs. No indication of what is going on. So its kind of hard to get excited about this when an official server just dissappears and might never come back lol.
  5. Official NA PVE 80 Island Down Just reporting that an official server has been down for like 24 hrs. If this sellout company even cares about stuff like that anymore. Although I can imagine it is pretty unprofessional to let major things like this slip.
  6. and it gets better. wait til you log in to find the event sucks.
  7. Comparing Ark to Cod or battlefield is like comparing apples to oranges. I used to play Cod back in the day from the original to black ops and ghost etc. Each time having to pay 60 bucks for each version. Ive never got nearly the same amount of gameplay hours as I do with Ark. Sure Ark has its challenges but its because of the scope of the game. Just be happy they have as many official servers as they do. This very seldom happens in CoD they push out to dedicated servers almost right away.
  8. Yeah it really never fails to amaze me that people will cry about the dumbest things. A little bit of perspective and maturity would go a long way. Lets face it, youve payed like perhaps 30 bucks and gotten thousands of hours of gameplay. Not too many games are like this for value.
  9. sounds like your getting stressed out over a video game. Perhaps its time you took a break from it to relax a little.
  10. At least you're lucky in the sense that you know its coming and you can hit up the HLN a store and buy up pods like they were toilet paper !
  11. I really hope they fix this. If you are going to remove pods from the store thats fine but you have to give us the chance to craft them and fridges in the mission terminals. Or else go back to the days of having hundreds of dinos lagging up areas.
  12. Yeah I can also confirm this. I wasted like 20 or so element before I gave up.
  13. im on pc but this happened to me. i wasted so much element on this. Not sure if something is broken.
  14. Using geforce experience and optimizing ark again worked for me.the in game settings are ineffective for some reason.
  15. ok, just thought id ask. Because I almost didnt bother optimizing my game too cause I thought all it would do would be to change the ingame options. And I already did that. But i was glad that I did it anyways cause for some reason it fixed everything. I think the actual ingame sliders and options are broken.
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