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  1. I've been building in orbit camera with no issues. Just use square instead of R2 when placing something.
  2. Looking to build the population on my PVP Ragnarok server. We have no admins so everyone is on a level playing field. It's early days so you will be able to build up to be the alpha tribe if thats your thing. PVP is encouraged as the game is more exciting that way. Server name: x10KeenSteedRagnarokPVP Rates: x10 taming x8 harvesting x5 XP x10 breeding If you have any questions feel free to ask
  3. Only had one person join so far. There is still plenty of good base locations available on this 247 server. Come join the fun.
  4. Hi everyone, My Tribe have recently bought a ps4 to host our own server. We are currently looking for players to join us for a bit of friendly pvp. We plan to host various events and have already built the community structures. These include: Dino colloseum Jousting and horse racing Gauntlet runs No one in the Tribe has admin privileges so you will not be abused. (We did spawn materials in to build the community structures though) Map: The Center Rates: XP x5 Harvesting x5 Taming x10 Breeding x10 Player stats x1.7 We are looking for serious players only, to build a community and have some fun. Pvp is allowed, in fact we encourage it. If your interested send a psn friend request to: keensteedserver