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  1. I'll get some shots of the parents when I next log in. The dark blackish red pattern on the back was from the dad, the bright red underbelly was from the mom and was a mutation as she was white body and black spine. The yellow spine on Bloody Mary was completely random on her alone. We started calling her Kechup and Mustard, but she needed a much better name so Bloody Mary was it. lol
  2. You should be able to upload a photo to imgur.com and then link directly from there using the "Insert image from URL" option in the lower right hand side of the message reply area. I'm new to the forums as well but had no problems uploading that way.
  3. http://ark.gamepedia.com/Mutations has some limited information on mutations. They come through breeding, most people get them from inbreeding a father to a daughter, or a mother to a son for example. But they can also come from a pair that has no relation. It can be either colors or stats, and currently there are no negatives so if you get a stat mutation it will be a boost to that stat for now. Later on negative mutations will be added. Colors can be anything. There are something like 50 different colors that can end up on a dinosaurs mutation. Here is a page that shows the possible colors: http://ark.gamepedia.com/Color_IDs Each dinosaur has up to 6 different color regions, and in theory can have a different color in each region. We've only ended up with 3 color mutations on the same dino so far, but we're still trying for more!
  4. I agree with the above, please don't kill your unwanted color mutations. Others will buy them and it can really REALLY make their day to get a new color mutation in their collection of dinosaurs. I'll be selling or trading many of the mutations my tribe and I have managed to breed as soon as I gain access to the trading section of the forums. Here are some of my favorites. These were from a group effort in a tribe of 4, so I can't take full credit for any of them! She looks white but she's a really pale gray. Next to a white rex she is much darker in color. The red and green are mutations. The feathers are normal. Purple belly mutation. The tan body and the pink feathers are from the dad who has no mutations. Powder blue belly and stormy gray back are mutations. His feathers are normal. Bloody Mary, my favorite rex! The stripe on her back is bright yellow. I love color mutations and have many more I could share but I have already flooded the board. Sorry about that! I just love seeing what others have and sharing what we have gotten.
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