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  1. I loved it when the world map would change, like the first winter/halloween events where the island seasonally changed. I also miss new items xC
  2. " after all, isn’t magic just a form of technology too advanced for humans to understand? " did you just... DID YOU JUST QUOTE THE ALCHEMYST. i love you guys
  3. One for Water, one for Oil, and one for ???
  4. Well. Can we PLEASE get a purple with orange highlights color for it? I WANT AN ARK CHRYSALLID DAMMIT
  5. Full on nudity to ark? Finally!!!! Jokes aside, happy birthday ark, this had been such a fun game and it will continue to be!
  6. Ugh, its in my home city and I can't go... This is ridiculous!!!
  7. I'm so glad the digest is back!!! But there's some scary news here.
  8. Guessing you aren't the real deal, huh?

    1. DraaxLP


      Why would you think that?

    2. Qrr


      Eh, mostly some people like to pretend they are youtubers, using their usernames and whatnot to get views/likes/etc. 

  9. It looks like a hairy Giga. NO. PLEASE. NO. TELL ME ITS SMALLER!!!!
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