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  1. e4envy

    Resetting my single player map

    I know for a fact that you will still have your survivor if you do this and then delete the world, but in all honesty I'm not entirely sure about the items. I would lean more towards saying yes, that should work out, because things uploaded to the Obelisks are sort of in a transcendental state and exist outside of individual worlds. Do know that there is a limit to how many items and dinos you can upload to an Obelisk at any one time, so make sure you're comfortable with the items you choose to save.
  2. The thing that doesn't make sense to me is that why won't resources regrow even if you come back into the respawn area? I'd understand if their regrowth is halted if it's in the "stasis zone" but why would it not resume when you enter the white area again? I pulled mainly from two mountains for each of my two base spots on my Island game, and the resources there always came back until suddenly they didn't, no matter where I went or where I stayed. Out of what I've heard, the only thing I can think of that would cause this is that the respawning breaks if you log off before they have a chance to regrow. Maybe this is all a mixture of both ideas or something else entirely, but I don't think we'll ever really know until we get some sort of fix from the devs or someone tests it out themselves. Maybe we'd be able to find a solution with a bug report, if it hasn't already been reported and ignored already...
  3. e4envy

    Organic Polymer

    I think it could only be possible in some weird freak of nature way, because almost all pearls are formed by calcium carbonate buildup in molluscs. Silica, or Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is already pure because it is highly unreactive, due to the normal reactivity of silicon being neutralized by the addition of oxygen. It is itself the major constituent of sand, though sand can also be made up of calcium carbonate. I suppose the defining factor here is that we are in the ARK, and as is very apparent, it does not follow all normal laws of biology or sense. I suppose our best explanation is that the ARK created these clams to synthesize usable silica in the form of pearls, because otherwise it would be impossible to find workable silica from molluscs.
  4. e4envy

    ARK - The Final Version

    My personal opinion is that we're going to be seeing a sort of ARK 2 on the horizon at some point... whether that's an entirely new game or a different take spiritually with new DLC, I'm not going to make any calls. With the end of Extinction, we've "saved" Earth (though perhaps not entirely... @AngrySaltire ) but there remains the question: how do we restore Earth, and humanity? I think that is what we might see next after TLCs and other QOL updates/improvements, but if there's more DLC to ARK: Survival Evolved, I don't think it'll follow the general course of wake up naked with nothing --> build a base and tame dinosaurs --> go fight some big boss. In that same vein, if we do get an ARK 2 game it'll be outside of Survival Evolved's element by what I described just above. I don't know if Wildcard slapped that subtitle on this game way back during conceptualization, but they might've done themselves a big favor in the future for franchising purposes.
  5. e4envy

    Organic Polymer

    I think that in-game Polymer is supposed to represent more of a carbon fiber composite than anything else; that is, a CFRP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer) where the actual "polymer" part comes from a resin that composes part of the composite - in-game this would be provided by the cementing paste, though it most certainly would not be actual cement. Other than that, there's a significant cause for confusion between the materials for electronics and polymer: electronics are partially composed of silica, but "silica pearls" are not made up of silica at all. They are deposits of calcium carbonate; actual obsidian is created when a high degree of viscosity and polymerization (forming of polymer chains) is present in a lava flow from the presence of... you guessed it, a high silica concentration. Now knowing what we know about synthetic polymer, there's not a whole lot that can explain in-game organic polymer. Biopolymers fall into three categories: polysaccharides (sugar polymers, like starch), polypeptides (proteins), and polynucleotides (DNA and RNA). The closest thing we could get out of biopolymers to the in-game stuff is perhaps rubber, lignin, or suberin, with the last two being examples of structural units in plants. TL;DR: organic polymer that we can harvest from two types of birds and a couple different insects was likely just invented as an alternate way to acquire the resource.
  6. Except that stasis doesn't always block resource respawn. I've played the entirety of my 1000 hours on Singleplayer/non-dedicated and I've traveled all the way across the map and back after harvesting things and found them to have regrown; just recently I've gone all the way from the Western Approach, just where the Redwoods meets the Swamp, to Far's Peak to mine metal and obsidian because that's the only place I can find those resources en masse anymore. And no, I don't have my respawn rate set at extremely low numbers so it in no way would've respawned in the time it took for me to leave the "respawn zone". Speaking of, do we actually know how accurate that picture is in its information, or what the actual distances are other than an arbitrary graphic? Out of all the things I've looked up what I commonly found is what I described earlier, where people would say that metal/crystal/obsidian would stop respawning if they logged out before it had a chance to respawn. That, too, is obviously a game problem that needs to be fixed.
  7. For sure the only way to reliably get dino eggs is to have, of course, one male and one female of the species you're trying to get eggs for - mate-boosting seems to significantly increase the chance of a dino laying an egg... that being said, the rates are incredibly low, so it comes down to a question of what you're planning on doing with the kibble. If you're planning on only using the kibble for imprinting, then 2-3 mate-boosted females should be good enough to keep you stocked with some left over. If you want to kibble tame a lot of animals, especially high level ones, then you might want to at least double that number depending on if you're using default rates or not.
  8. I'm fairly certain that this has been known about for a long time and probably been reported multitudes of times... if not, then we're in a strange situation here. You don't need to cheat in order to farm more resources; like I said, you can either use a mod (which could be considered cheating - but I'd check the mod out for yourself), change the in-game sliders (totally legit, you can change them back when you're done), or if what @d1nk said works, do that. If you want to do everything without the aid of mods or console commands, then you're gonna have to find other mountains to mine from. You can also get metal, crystal, and obsidian from caves, but obviously that's much more dangerous. The only thing I know for sure is that from now on when I start a new world, I'm not gonna be mining any valuable resources right before I get off...
  9. e4envy

    What bug hit you today?

    I've been experiencing this bug too! What is going on?!?! I've lost entire quality sets of ghillie and a 600% damage pump shotgun from the Christmas event and whenever I look up item disappearances, I haven't found anything. I feel more relieved than anything that this isn't just me, but man, does anyone know what's going on with this disappearing bug?
  10. I think I'm experiencing the very same problem you are on my own The Island map -- metal, obsidian, and crystal nodes I've harvested before have stopped respawning. The closest thing I have found to an answer is that on Singleplayer and non-dedicated servers, these resource nodes will stop respawning completely if you've harvested them and then logged off before they had a chance to respawn. As far as your two other questions, 1. No, resource respawn is not affected by being too far away - in fact, quite the opposite, as there's a certain (customizable, as per the menu sliders) distance that you have to be away from any resource before it will respawn. Certain types of resources also have different tolerances for how close you can be, and the adjustable slider is just a multiplier for this distance. 2. I don't think there's any sort of a concrete number for these timers, so there is no way of judging what value the game bases it off of. For metal nodes on default rates, it should take a couple real-life hours, but just like for 1. different resources have different intervals and the menu slider is just a multiplier and not the rate itself. From what I've found, there aren't really a whole lot of options to get them to come back. Some people have reported turning the resource respawn interval to 0 (resources will respawn instantly) will fix it, while others have said that the Re-Fertilizer Revisited mod (can't remember author's name) works to regrow them. If you're unlucky like me, and neither of those things worked, then you're going to have to find other mountains to mine.
  11. e4envy

    How was Earth destroyed?

    Alright, perfect! That's honestly just what I wanted to hear. Now, to spend/wait 2 months to actually progress to Extinction
  12. e4envy

    What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

    Considering my recent itch for Ragnarok, it would have to be the Griffin. I've had no more fun than soaring through the skies on the back of such a majestic creature. When I get bored of the flapping wings, nothing beats the rush of a nosedive straight for the ground, only to pull up at the last second for that massive speed boost. I could only imagine the looks on the faces of those dinosaurs when I shoot past them like a bullet. All of this is not mentioning that the Griffin can also be a formidable war mount with its dive attacks and rider weaponry. ...all of this talk gives me a sudden urge to go transfer to Ragnarok and snatch one up...
  13. e4envy

    Anyone else scared to engage?

    If you have 8 wolves, they will definitely be able to take on a carnotaurus. If you've leveled them up and put their points into health and melee, you might even be able to take on a low level rex. Aside from that, tamed animals will usually always outdo wild ones of the same type or around. Having eight of them at once? That's the fundamentals of operating as a pack. That's how animals in real life take down prey much larger than themselves. I'm not sure what rates you have, so I don't know how high you can get your tames' health. Usually, 10k HP will give you enough health to win most battles or get away from them if things start turning south. But like I said, if you have 8 wolves with leveled health and melee, 10k each might be overkill. As far as getting metal, obsidian, and crystal goes, they are most plentiful and guaranteed on the tops of mountains. Like @LadyCrescent said, never ever make long resource trips by land. Your best friend on The Island will be a weight and stamina leveled Argentavis. Your first one doesn't even need to be a high level, just something that can fly you to the nearest mountain. Be warned, though, that mountains usually contain more deadly animals around their base; more often than not the actual peaks, where most of the resources are, will be relatively less populated.
  14. Ever since Extinction came out and we've known all about the purpose of the ARKs, I've always wondered... what exactly destroyed Earth to lead to Extinction? Since a couple of my friends got the game a month or so ago, we started from the beginning on The Island and now we're finally waiting for a time when we can all come together to Ascend. I'd already ascended once but figured I'd come back and wait for us all to move on to Scorched Earth, so that's as far as I've gotten. I collected all of The Island's explorer notes and that is basically all I know of the story so far. Does the answer to my question lie on Extinction itself, in its own explorer notes? Will I find out in the future what it was that led to the whole premise of ARK: Survival Evolved, or are we only given pieces of the lore information? I'm not really looking for spoilers if the former, just more of a confirmation. Also.. be it related or not, what makes the King Titan so special? Why is he the King of Shadows? How did he come to lord over Earth; was he a creation of the ARKs like all of the creatures we encounter, or was he the reason that this is all happening in the first place?
  15. e4envy

    Water tame

    I currently have a high 100 Basilosaurus, the ones you see with a bunch of mantas/ichthys/sharks following it. It's an absolute beast and I was able to brute-force my way through both of the underwater caverns with it (though the Caverns of Lost Hope gave me a run for my money). Basilo's have a mechanic that grants them rapid health regen when at a certain point underwater, increasing the closer you are to the surface, and they also grant you extra insulation. This makes them pretty useful for long trips and constant fighting, as they can easily heal on their own, but it's always faster if you feed them meat as well. Aside from that, Basilosauruses are immune to torpor damage, jellyfish stun, and squid grab, which makes them basically invulnerable to the uncommon dangers of the sea. My Billy is currently max-level with about 40k HP and 2.5k melee, and I have no trouble killing Alpha Mosas, though it does take a while. Taming them is easy enough, but is often a little more tricky. They are passive tamed with meat, but every time you feed them, every hostile underwater carnivore in the area will swarm you - bring a shark to clear out the manta hordes and other deep sea predators and protect against anything else. Aside from that, be aware of the regular issues of the ocean - temperature, oxygen, and your own food and water.