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  1. How about you fix mesh issues on extension or maybe show up and dev wipe cheating tribes. Check your tickets morons
  2. I can go into detail about how it can't be fixed because they used basic blue prints (blueprints are what the world is created from) from unreal engine to develop the game. Instead of designing and programing the blue prints for the game them selves. This game was originally a demo for unreal engine to showcase the it could do. Instead of going back and programing and design the blue prints from scratch like all game devlopers do they keep with what they had. Hence why they are pushing for an ark 2 because they know they can't fix it. Read what was posted do be a keyboard warrior they clearly state they can't fix it they can make it harder to mesh but it will always be a part of ark unfortunately. That's why they have to inforce their rules scrap the current moderation team since mostly all on Xbox and PS4 can be bought.
  3. Honestly wildcard you are dumb. Inforce the rules get you GM's to know what's going on in the community. In Xbox you have gm being bought for 50 bucks and a sandwich. This game is turning into a joke because you won't inforce your raptoring rules. Don't need to fix meshing you need to fix the community and hold people accountable. Don't dev wipe people for protecting themselves because of your poopty game development. Dev wipe the known meshers in the community. This statement you made killed you game FYI. #newprisneeded
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