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  1. SirA17

    Terminal Crash

    Already did. It's more to alert others in case of same issue to assess if it's a common occurrence.
  2. SirA17

    Terminal Crash

    @lilpanda My tribe and myself activated the terminal to start the boss fight on the center and after the countdown we all got disconnected at the same time from the server and we logged back in and everything and everyone is dead. 19 rexes and 1 yuty. We have a video of it and have it in our tribe log. NA-PVP-TheCenter-CrossArk10 v771.0
  3. SirA17

    pvp Item transfer on Xbox eu crossark 11

    @lilpanda I am not on this crossark so just alerting you, but I suspect it's the issue that was wrong with crossark10. Thanks in advance for checking it out.
  4. SirA17

    Can’t interact with items or tames

    Have you since got this fixed? I had a similar issue a while ago where I logged off sleeping on a bunk bed. When I got back on the same issues as you have explained. I fixed it by fast travelling on the bed. So maybe give that a go
  5. SirA17

    Small fece problem with beetle

    Are you putting in 2 at a time or 1?
  6. SirA17

    Evolution Event Removal

    I agree with the events an event should mix up our day to day experiences. Something else that was mentioned to me was the PvE max tame limit and that made me think that tamed animals should have ages that will eventually die, dodos after 5 days gigas a month, this would encourage people to go out and tame more should they need the eggs or breed them to continue their lineage. Overall something like this would encourage players to actively think about what they want instead of a tribe having 100s of Dino's they will never use just sitting around and never tame anything again.
  7. SirA17

    Evolution Event Removal

    So why should X2 dictate if you will play on the weekend? The only reason you feel this way is because it is one apart of your schedule and you have been conditioned to rely on it. Removal would mean play at anytime with a set plan about what you want to achieve with known time frames.
  8. SirA17

    Evolution Event Removal

    Okay all I know that this thread may get some backlash from some of the community but I feel I must offer this suggestion. The evolution events have no become the spawn of much anger from the community with both developers and consumers being at fault. The evolution event began as a random bonus weekend that slowly became a permanent thing and as such it became part of their weekly schedule. In my country Domino's pizza did the same thing with cheap pizzas on Tuesday for 2 years, making it a weekly thing for consumers to get pizza on Tuesday. They then removed it and the backlash was astronomical social media went crazy and they took a big hit financially. Much like the pizzas Wildcard has conditioned the player base to play on Weekends for evolution events and have regularly been having breeding etc until this weekend when it was not included. I read social media posts and people in server chat enraged about it, I even saw that one girl purchased Giga eggs and took the weekend off work to hatch them only to find no increasement. When Ark begins to affect real life then their is a problem and as I have previously stated that Wildcard needs to take the blame for conditioning their player base to these events. The player base also need to accept that official servers are official servers and any form of increasement should of been a bonus not a requirement every weekend nor should it be demanded. If it was known in advance what the evolution event would be or if it was on a schedule it could work, but I wish to suggest the removal of the evolution events and instead leave resource collection standard at its standard 1x and improve breeding etc to x2. I understood the first time they did evolution events was to determine what would be the best form of standard resource collection for official servers and in turn resources became standard 2x back then the game was still in preview so was part of the development process and now that it official release the reasoning for these events cannot be the same and needs to be sorted out before more community backlash.
  9. SirA17

    Wasted Levels On Water Dinos

    I agree with the OP in regard to the wasted points in Oxygen for water tames it needs to be fixed. What annoys me is people stating that Oxygen is a wasted stat. Higher Oxygen = Faster Stamina Regeneration so next time you are flying your bird with 400 oxygen and wonder why it takes forever to recharge your stamina blame yourself.