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  1. Hello Jat,

    So I just wanted to offer a suggestion for consideration. After the flyers nerf I have noticed how spoilt everyone has been having the safety of the skies, but when it comes to the ground its still not scary. The Dinos can be very stupid at times and that dulls down how scary dinosaurs should be to human.

    I was thinking long and hard what would make the land more scary and be even more of a survival game and I thought back to all the servers I had been on and at what point in time the game didnt become a challenge. That point was when I got a decent sized stone base going that I could hide out in until I got tames and locked them away too. This seems to be the trend for all players and every server is riddled with the same cookie cutter bases Stone Behemoth Gates around their chosen land spot and that in itself ruins players creativity and I am sure was not intended.

    So this now comes to my suggestion that I believe will not be popular by players at first glance but when they really think about it would be a great change and give players that rush they crave.

    Carnivores in particular should destroy any structure they are capable of destroying in their agro radius. eg Rex comes into contact with a wooden structure it should completely rip it to pieces. This would bring a large survival aspect back into it and encourage players to be more creative about their defences and locations etc. Although it is only early days and a small rough idea because I havent written down the pros and cons of such a change (eg. players kiting dinos) (lack of variety stone destroying dinos). I would be more than happy to spend some more time on coming up with a more polished version of this if you are interested at all.

    Sir Androidno17 

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