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  1. An Ice age map, and Water world map would be awesome. I also still hold hope we.might see primal plus and play as dinos.
  2. Please tell me Atlas is DLC for Ark and not just another game?
  3. Another question, will ships structures be coming too with S+?
  4. Is it possible to fix the Obelisks at certain times, that shut down guns, turrets,rockets etc for a short period of time around them, to allow people access, since everyone I've seen are on lock down. Sometimes i like to switch servers and would love to be able as a solo player to use them.
  5. I'm holding out hope still for ps4 mods like Dragon Punk i need it lol?
  6. Thats sad that primal is dead, but if we are getting Structure plus and Dragonpunk I'll play for alot longer. I still hold hope later on they will revive primal plus.
  7. As excited as i am for Extinction, just want to see if i can get conformation that we will be getting Dragon Punk on console, as well as Structure Plus and Primal playable Creatures in the future of this game whether it be a year from now or so. Excited to hear back fingers crossed.?
  8. I like the drone thing nice. Cannot wait to try the map, hope to see a tamable Chimera,Water Drake/Wyvern,aurock,Octopuss,Raven, Eagle, and Hydra. Also can we please het the Structure plus soon? And can you confirm we will get to play as the Creature eventually. Keep the amazing dlc stuff coming very fun game.
  9. Are the RP maps amd servers coming to ps4, i would love role play with and against others. Cowboy, pirates etc would be amazing.
  10. Love the idea of more dinos through skins, please do an Octopus skin, Giant Raven, and Giant Eagle. I would like to ask for Thrall tames as well.
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