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  1. Obviously guy, but in a chem bench you need an equal amount of spark and charcoal to craft gunpowder. So you have to press and hold for 1 second, 30 times to transfer in the spark. Then transfer all for charcoal. My point is that it would save time to click a button that says "transfer 30 stacks" rather than clicking and holding 30 times. It's just inefficient and when you play on official making vaults upon vaults of turret ammo at a time, you waste literally hours of your time just moving items around and transferring.
  2. I'd like to see them continue with some fixes for meshing and other issues. Maybe put out a plan for new TLC and/or new map DLC and then a fresh wipe in a massive update, similar to what we saw at the end of legacy. People don't like to think about losing their stuff, but officials are boring currently. Fresh new Officials would bring a lot of people back, including myself.
  3. I agree that they do need to be approached differently, as they've basically different games. Some aspects of the flier nerf could have stayed for PvE tbh. But the mana nerf I don't agree with. There's no reason you need the fastest dino in the game to be DPS haha.
  4. Console Ark has always been a struggle, just because of the (lack of) power that consoles have. Here are some REALLY SIMPLE changes that could be made to make a console player's life much easier. 1. GRAPHICAL SETTING OPTIONS. For real guys, why can't console players turn off the godawful light shafts, shadows, and bloom quality from the game menu? Every time I log onto Ark, I have to first go onto my single player, type in these commands and then log into whatever server I'm playing on, and then do it again when my game inevitably crashes while I'm playing. I don't know if anyone f
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