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  1. Obviously guy, but in a chem bench you need an equal amount of spark and charcoal to craft gunpowder. So you have to press and hold for 1 second, 30 times to transfer in the spark. Then transfer all for charcoal. My point is that it would save time to click a button that says "transfer 30 stacks" rather than clicking and holding 30 times. It's just inefficient and when you play on official making vaults upon vaults of turret ammo at a time, you waste literally hours of your time just moving items around and transferring.
  2. I'd like to see them continue with some fixes for meshing and other issues. Maybe put out a plan for new TLC and/or new map DLC and then a fresh wipe in a massive update, similar to what we saw at the end of legacy. People don't like to think about losing their stuff, but officials are boring currently. Fresh new Officials would bring a lot of people back, including myself.
  3. I agree that they do need to be approached differently, as they've basically different games. Some aspects of the flier nerf could have stayed for PvE tbh. But the mana nerf I don't agree with. There's no reason you need the fastest dino in the game to be DPS haha.
  4. Console Ark has always been a struggle, just because of the (lack of) power that consoles have. Here are some REALLY SIMPLE changes that could be made to make a console player's life much easier. 1. GRAPHICAL SETTING OPTIONS. For real guys, why can't console players turn off the godawful light shafts, shadows, and bloom quality from the game menu? Every time I log onto Ark, I have to first go onto my single player, type in these commands and then log into whatever server I'm playing on, and then do it again when my game inevitably crashes while I'm playing. I don't know if anyone from the Dev team has played Ark with high gamma, and then flown up into the sky. Your screen literally turns white, you literally can't see anything. Not exaggerating. Allow us PLEASE to tune these settings. As well as that, if it's at all possible, give the option to change resolution settings. Console players don't need textures to look amazing, we’re playing on an xbox and a $100 TV from Walmart. We just want to get above 5fps inside our bases. Please Wildcard. 2. MOUSE AND KEYBOARD. I know this one is a longshot, but Xbox just gave the capability, and Ark is such an advanced game. It could be made a lot more fun, competitive, and just convenient by allowing mouse and keyboard. Xbox Small Tribes servers are already loaded with people playing on mouse and keyboard because they are Cross-platform. Anyone who's played console will understand the struggle of making gunpowder. *Press and hold* "One stack of sparkpowder" *Press and hold* "Two stacks of sparkpowder". It's excruciating. 3. TRANSFER ITEM OPTIONS. On the subject of making gunpowder, the whole “press and hold” to transfer one stack this is horrid. Making bullets requires you doing this hundreds and hundreds of times, whereas PC players can hold down T and wave their mouse around to transfer stacks super quickly. If we can’t have mouse and keyboard, something that would be great would be a “transfer x amount” feature. Or even a “transfer x stacks”. Small things, like when you added LB to take all, go a LONG way to making the game more convenient and streamlined for controller players. 4. DINO MOVEMENT. Jeeeeez guys this is brutal. I loved the “disable ally looking” option that you added, I’m asking you to take it a step further and give an option to turn off passive dino movement. I don’t want 100 wyvern tails dancing all over the place, I don’t want massive Bronto tails pushing me around. I don’t want my dinos to have an aneurysm every time they eat food. I know that it’ll look weird just having all your dinos sit there like statues, but its so worth it if it would help the framerate, even a little bit. If it’s simply an option, that puts the power in the players’ hands to decide if it’s worth it. 5. ACCOUNT LOYAL IMPRINTS. This isn’t a console-specific suggestion like the others, but still this needs to happen. You guys obviously feel pretty bad when your players lose characters. But rather than you having to deal with thousands of tickets, why not just give us what we wanted in the first place? I’m going to tell you right now, if you made dino-imprints loyal to an account rather than a character, people won’t care about lost characters anymore. Very minimal people care about losing tek engrams. Everyone on Ark knows someone that can get them another run through the Boss Fights. The biggest hit when you lose a character comes from the fact that you now have Dinos without imprints. On PvP servers, imprints are everything. Back when you guys set imprint timers to 8 hours from 3-4 hours, you cited that you were making the game a little healthier. If that’s still something you care about, you should give people the ability to hold onto Imprints. I’ve had tribemates lose a character and lose upwards of 500 imprinted tames because of it. That’s hours of work, wasted. Unlesssss, you guys come through for us on this. I know that the community agrees on this. 6.FIX ARGIES PLS N TY. Yeah I almost forgot, also not a console-specific thing but holy hell. Fix the Argent's picking issues.
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