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  1. colourwheel

    Multiple dedicated server crashes

    I have checked the save file on my xbox. I always thought a corrupted saved game file is marked with a yellow exclamation point. Please correct me if I am wrong about this. Also if it isn't marked with a yellow exclamation point, how can one tell if a game file is corrupted? I am not about to delete thousands hours of peoples lives on my server just because it could be "possible" the saved game file is corrupted. I have had this server since January.
  2. colourwheel

    after update dedicatated server wont start

    This problem is happening again. My Private dedicated server keeps crashing to the dashboard before the server even loads up. It will start to load "ValcanoEntrance" then the game will completely crash back to the dashboard. Started having this problem after that 198mb update that happened yesterday. Edit: Seems to me Wild Card has been so consumed getting these rentable servers working they kind a threw players who have hosted their own dedicated servers for months now kicking their issues to the back of the line. If this issue doesn't get fixed soon, I might just forget about buying their Aberration DLC and uninstall this game. I bought Scorched Earth and bought the game again for my other xbox + the DLC just to help support Wild Card and their game.
  3. colourwheel

    Multiple dedicated server crashes

    Been over 8 hours since this issue been known, anyone at all at wild Card know if this is even being looked into? Edit: is anyone else's Private Dedicated Server having this same issue? It's the same thing I have read about the host trying to load "ValcanoEntrance" then crashing to the dashboard. Basically this seems to not be fixed still.
  4. colourwheel

    Multiple dedicated server crashes

    THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM! Why does wild card update a game without properly testing the update?
  5. colourwheel

    Multiple dedicated server crashes

    Been having the same issue now. After this update on xbox one, all of a sudden my server crashes back to the dashboard. Even when I go try to load the server back up it will crash to the dashboard even before the server gets back online. What the heck did wild card do? I beg of you please FIX this ASAP!!!
  6. colourwheel

    Admin bug on player dedi server

    Having the same issue with my xbox one dedicated server as well. Message of the day is broken, can not Broadcast message and can not message in game chat using admin commands or even cast any message from the host server. AS well I reboot the server I have to keep adding myself back as an admin. edit: just a suggestion if possible why even fill beaver dams with stacks of wood? almost every server I have ever played on players do not take out the wood. I would think something like this could easily be resolved by Wild card updating beaver dams to not include wood inside them.
  7. I am pleased you enjoy the server. hope you stay a while.
  8. 1st off, I don't think you would really want many players online all the time on an xbox PvP private dedicated server. Most players will end up leaving a server if they are constantly being lagged out or a server constantly keeps crashing due to too many harvesting at once with boosted settings. As for tribes leaving structures scattered all through out the map, that is the host not doing a good enough job keeping their own server cleaned up. On average I would say only about 25% of players and tribes that join a server end up staying longer then one day after joining. If you join a server where the host doesn't keep a server constantly cleared of abandoned structures and remove inactive tribe structures and Dinos off the map, those servers will die off eventually. Realistically the average loyal player on a server will play for about one month tops then start to get bored and move onto play other games, only logging in for a moment at best when they do log back in. As a host of my own private dedicated server, I tend to like to get to know all the players and tribes who play on my server but it's always a struggle to get to know everyone. I try my best to keep the server constantly alive but it's not easy when players and tribes that have built up heavy end up leaving the server due to either being raided or just getting bored of the game. It can't be helped, everyone who plays this game won't be playing ark the rest of their life.