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  1. I can see you havent been on a forum before. This will always happen.
  2. If there was an ARk 2 Got a little bored today, so I to entertain myself I desided to write down my suggestions for an ARK 2 (dont know if WC will ever make one, but you never know ) 1. Less animals The wariety of dinos and historic animals is amazing and they are all cool, but the number of them in the world is just too much. Especialy when half of them are everywhere... And as time passed, older dinos became useleles, mostli decor in your base. I think the number of animals on release sould be ap. 30 max 40 and adding one or two new creature every few months. 2. Reform taming Knock down taming is fun and sometimes challanging, but it doesnt make any sence. It could be replaced by a more traditional way of taming animals. Finding the young. Go to a nest or a herd/pack and grab the little runt. But the animal should not be put in the inventory, you could carry it in your hands, so you cant use any tools or weapons while you run. And of course some animals are big even as babys, so youll need other animals (an argie for example) to carry it for you. And dont forget, that other members of the herd/pack wont like it, when you steel ther young. So you got your baby to your base. Now what? Put it in a taming pen, put some food in it and wait. After some time, the little runt will tame. Then you need to wait some time to grow up. Stealing eggs could be an option too, just for higher lvl (there could be an engram for example at lvl 40 for an incubator). 3. Decor Just simply more decor options. Rugs, carpets, tropies, more tipes of beds and other furniture. We all want our base to look cool. 4. TEK People love it or hate it. I love Sci-fi, but it just dont fit the original ARK eviroment, that we played during the EA. There where the mistery of the obelisks and the implant in the hand, but Iron man armor, alien like build tear, teleporter and stuff, that was a bit too much i thinkg. Some TEK could stay and be a reward for a boss. But not as an engram, but just as an item like laser rifle or an TEK saw or something like that. No uber OP Power armor or a Rex with laser cannon (cool, but ridiculus). 5. Bosses The bosses in ARK are epic, but the need for an army of 15 generation of bred T RExes for being able to kill them is just... well you know. There could be bosses like this, I dont mind, but not only them. Smaller bossed, that you cant bring your animals for help (Ancient Dilo in a cave, standing in the middle and spitting on you, so you have to use cover to not get hit and shoot him from a far) or the need for a specific animal for the fight (Circle arena with a Prime T-Rex, where you need a galimimus, one guy to ride it and the other to shoot the boss. If the catches you... insta kill or something like that.) 6. Story The story of Helena, Rockwell, Mei and other was very good, I liked reading it. But the games story progres is just terrible. If there will be an ARK 2, there should not be a story progres, just the backgrond. Helenas dino dosiers where my favorite. The explorer notes sould tell just a story for the local map. (Like Rila in SE, but with a better, less catastrophic ending). So thats about it, my small ideas for ARKs sequel. Thanks for reading and sorry for the bad english.
  3. The nerf was good. When it came and people whined about it, i just tamed a iguanodon a like it more then a ptera.
  4. I think all we need is to behemot gates be half the size.
  5. These two are the WORST animals in this game. I know this game is not suposted to be easy, but a bird that steals and eats a whole stack of narcos??? It might not be much in the end game, but in the begining its a (censored) peace of (censored)!!!! Eider nerf their stealing skills to steal a 1-5 items or remove the skill or remove the animals from the game.
  6. You people realy need to chill out. Complains in every post? Like realy? Its Easter, go out and enjoy the hollidays with your families and dont sit in front of computer all day!! And what the hell has Easter had to do with breeding??? This isnt Valentine!
  7. I dont mind the number of dinos, but the map is getting seriously owercrowded with them.... All of the maps needs to be bigger....
  8. I usualy use mithological names or names from fantasy like: Alextraza (red female spinosaur) Tyrania (female T-Rex) Fenris (male direwolf) And for monkies i use nicknames of my friends.
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