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  1. They were inside one and other. Someone had tried to build a structure round them so I couldn't build close. Luckily he was a terrible builder so I could still get inside. Took me the whole afternoon with a weight Argy and a weight Quetz to ferry everything to a newly built storage room.
  2. I don't think there was any way to get a Dino under them. I'm hoping that I'm going to find them inside each other. Heading over there now to find out.
  3. Thanks man. I'll give that a go.
  4. Can't access vaults. Hey all. My old Rag base has just despawned. Not a problem but I did want to ferry the stuff from the vaults over to my new server. The vaults I'm interested in were stacked on metal floors 5 on top of 5. When the floors despawned they dropped to the floor as they should but there's only one row of 5 instead of 2 stacked rows and I can't access any of them. The only option I have is to unlock or rename them. Access inventory doesn't appear. Anyone know why I can't access them and why only one of the rows survived? Can't remember if it's the top or bottom row that's disappeared.
  5. Creatures despawning again. I've just headed over to my official rag server after a few days to find that all my Dino's have despawned. I raised a topic about the same thing a few months back but I assumed it had been fixed. I hadn't been away anywhere near long enough for this to have happened (I had a wyvern reach adulthood last week). The few wooden structures I had had decayed just two game days earlier (don't really care about those) so there no way the Dino's should have gone. I want to raise a ticket about it but I've never been totally sure how they work. The two I've raised before have both gone the same way. I raise it and get a confirmation email. A couple of days later I get another email which I reply to with any info I have. Then a day or two later I get one telling me I haven't replied so they've closed the ticket. It's rather annoying.
  6. I'm getting some truly awful frame rates when I approach my own base on Extinction at the moment. Literally down to low single figures. I use 2 different Xboxes depending on where I am when I'm playing. It makes no difference if I'm using my One S or One X it still happens with the X only being marginally better than the S. I've no idea if it's because of the Tek generator, the extensive use of S+ pieces or some other reason but I do know it doesn't happen to anywhere near the same extent around other peoples bases. My base isn't stupidly large. There's a bigger one near me that renders in without any dramas.
  7. It's annoying. Trying to install a Dino gate cost me hours of work and resources. I'd just done the 6 gig update so I assume it was something to do with that.
  8. Yeah, fence foundations/supports have always been weird I know. But all the supports are still there after the walls went. The wall I took away was literally on the top layer of the wall. One of the last bits I added. No amount of strangeness can really explain it.
  9. This is a bug but I've no idea if it's just Xbox related or global. I have a perimeter fence that's 6 walls high. It's made from fence supports, a large wall and 2 single walls on top. Most of the very top walls are standard but every so often there's a sloped wall to account for hight deferences. All the fence supports are snapped together. Last night I decided to add a gate in the middle so needed a gap. The very first wall I demolished was at the very top (just happened to be sloped) but removing it brought down pretty much my whole perimeter fence. The only walls left standing are where theres a hight change. The log says I just demolished a sloped wall but it actually took away over 100 large walls and the small ones on top. The wall I destroyed was only snapped to the single wall beneath it so this is a huge bug. I'm not going to be doing anything to the base building itself until this is fixed. Don't want to lose all my Tek stuff by bringing the whole thing down.
  10. Am I going something wrong with the new fence supports or are they messed up? I've placed one but the next one I try to snap won't place straight. It just goes red and tells me it can't be placed there for no apparent reason. I'm trying to go up a slight incline but nothing major. There's nothing in the way (I went as far as clearing the bushes) and even tried adding one on top of the first one but it doesn't help. Anyone else struggling?
  11. I like the ocean world idea but I'd like to modify it by suggesting we have land but only allow building on platform saddles and rafts. Dino's tamable but in far less numbers and only the platform saddles are available. Turn us all into nomads. EDIT: Or, a semi hardcore mode where you're given 3 resurrections upon creating your character but when they're gone, they're gone. Maybe possible to earn more whilst playing but only by doing something very very difficult to achieve. I've always fancied playing hardcore but I don't like the thought of losing weeks of work because of a DC or lag or router/xbox issues. So a little bit of a buffer would probably entice me across to give it a try.
  12. Well now it's July, 8 months after this thread was started, and the issues are all still there. My new TV (Samsung 6500) was delivered yesterday and the very first thing I did after getting it set up was fire up Ark and switch on HDR. Imagine my disappointment. It looks awful. The comment higher up calling it Mario world is absolutely spot on. The colours are so bright it's ridiculous. Everyone talks about the reds being an issue and yes, they are, but the greens too are all far too green. When I get home I'll try the work around. I suspect it's just turning it back to detailed graphics mode but I'll take screen shots to work that out. Has this been acknowledged as an issue by wildcard yet? Is it even their problem or should we be getting on to Instinct Games?
  13. I had my faith in humanity somewhat restored. Joined a new server so I can get to Ragnarog when it's released (only had a prim plus char up till now). Before I got to level 10 I'd been gifted a wolf and an Argy, both high level and been invited to join a well established tribe. They then proceeded to give me a big assed base that was vacated by a former tribe member and been told I could use any dino until I've tamed some of my own. Well happy with that.
  14. I take it the blanket sugar tame across the board now is gone? I notice poultry now only stacks in 5's. Does that mean it's still a good food for carnivores?
  15. I set up Mixer on my xbox, phone and laptop then steamed for a while whilst watching my own stream on laptop and phone lol. It was fun but very strange. Unfortunately the stream hadn't saved and that's the main reason I set it up in the first place. Need to look into it.
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