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  1. They were inside one and other. Someone had tried to build a structure round them so I couldn't build close. Luckily he was a terrible builder so I could still get inside. Took me the whole afternoon with a weight Argy and a weight Quetz to ferry everything to a newly built storage room.
  2. I don't think there was any way to get a Dino under them. I'm hoping that I'm going to find them inside each other. Heading over there now to find out.
  3. Thanks man. I'll give that a go.
  4. Can't access vaults. Hey all. My old Rag base has just despawned. Not a problem but I did want to ferry the stuff from the vaults over to my new server. The vaults I'm interested in were stacked on metal floors 5 on top of 5. When the floors despawned they dropped to the floor as they should but there's only one row of 5 instead of 2 stacked rows and I can't access any of them. The only option I have is to unlock or rename them. Access inventory doesn't appear. Anyone know why I can't access them and why only one of the rows survived? Can't remember if it's the top or
  5. I like the ocean world idea but I'd like to modify it by suggesting we have land but only allow building on platform saddles and rafts. Dino's tamable but in far less numbers and only the platform saddles are available. Turn us all into nomads. EDIT: Or, a semi hardcore mode where you're given 3 resurrections upon creating your character but when they're gone, they're gone. Maybe possible to earn more whilst playing but only by doing something very very difficult to achieve. I've always fancied playing hardcore but I don't like the thought of losing weeks of work bec
  6. I had my faith in humanity somewhat restored. Joined a new server so I can get to Ragnarog when it's released (only had a prim plus char up till now). Before I got to level 10 I'd been gifted a wolf and an Argy, both high level and been invited to join a well established tribe. They then proceeded to give me a big assed base that was vacated by a former tribe member and been told I could use any dino until I've tamed some of my own. Well happy with that.
  7. I take it the blanket sugar tame across the board now is gone? I notice poultry now only stacks in 5's. Does that mean it's still a good food for carnivores?
  8. I set up Mixer on my xbox, phone and laptop then steamed for a while whilst watching my own stream on laptop and phone lol. It was fun but very strange. Unfortunately the stream hadn't saved and that's the main reason I set it up in the first place. Need to look into it.
  9. Ok, so after repeated requests I've decided to add this post to this topic. It's a couple of weeks old so not "today" as such and is a direct copy/paste from my "2 Gigas spawned in my base" thread. For those who didn't read it, basically I thought they'd spawned in my base but it turned out I was just the target of someones amusement. " Ok, so they came tonight. I was there this time and it was brutal. The level 90 giga fell on me while I was laying stone ceilings. After the last wipe I didn't have a lot left but my babies defended me like the troopers they are. Doed, A
  10. I started working on my new base walls. Changing the old dino gates for actual stone walls. Spent a lot of time sitting on an Argy looking at what I've done so far trying think of an aesthetic way to fill the gaps at the bottom. Half and quarter height walls would be awesome.
  11. Prim+ dude. Electronics ain't an option for us.
  12. Basically had a crappy day to end a crappy week. Within 10 seconds of logging on my Juvi Wolf died of starvation. My fault I know but still not happy about it. Then, after trying (and failing) to find a high level Mammoth to replace the one that was killed the other day (pecked to death in base by an Argy after my Carno guard dogs magically switched to passive) I went back to base, did some general maintenance then found my Argy gone. Just vanished from where I'd parked her. Saddle and all. I checked the tribe log in case I'd missed her death but no, she's still alive somewhere. Got
  13. Crafted a Forge, Smithy, large bonfire and a ton of dry firewood. Intended to put them on the top of the blue obs mountain for the community to use but in the couple of days since I was last up there some dckhead has pillared the entire mountain top. They've even put their own forge up there but it's locked.
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