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  1. We NEED the Carcharodontosaurus. A nice in between a Giga and Rex with less drag weight than a Spino. Make them insatiable and really hard to tame.
  2. Purge- this is the most popular type of mode for survival games in general. Give the server 1 month to build up and Simply announce PvP week on specialty servers similar to Evolution Events. Still allow ORP during event. Wipe server after 2 rotations (roughly 3 months). This will cut management time and mix the best of PvE breeders vs the best PvPers.
  3. 2017, we out here. Gj all at wildcard, I've seen this game grow at a exceptionally fast rate. despite the COD players crying, im impressed at your work. from all of us dino enthusiasts, keep up the good work and we're looking forward to what creature and environments you have in store!
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