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      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Raid them, before they raid you!
  2. Lag's waaaay beyond terrible, so messy
  3. The occasion makes tyranny; The tyrant already born this way
  4. Power is power dude, no matter where... if you're a relentless tyrant in a game that you have power, you'd probably be the same in rl, if you have power. Search about "Dark Triad", you have no idea how people who seek power tend to be violent and manipulative, whether in corporate environments, churches, philanthropic organizations, social movements and, ofc, online games. btw, i'm not native english speaker, sorry about grammar/spelling/whatever...
  5. The boy was expelled for not agreeing with the tribe's attitudes, then his friend, resolved to turn around and invite players to fight against their tyranny. If you keep silent about toxic attitudes, it only increases the toxicity of these players, where's the fun on playing at pvp server's, if we could not hang tyrant players? Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis
  6. Build X/Y Plants, turrets and spike walls, Ark isn't The Sims Dino Edition, even on a PVE server. Keep in mind that dino's can walk freely, regardless of players
  7. oh, forum must removed my hyperlink, anyway http://www.inquisitr.com/3209088/ark-survival-evolved-xbox-play-anywhere-will-support-windows-10-server-hosting/
  8. Check this post, i think it's already possible to host a win10-xone server.
  9. I wake up this morning and my preserving bin just went missing (if you see a PB roaming around, contact me asap) i checked my tribe log but nothing was destroyed, it's a bug or something else?
  10. Hey folks! just playing around with pixel art, this time i tried to recreate my character, yep, you can see him from a greater distance haha
  11. That's me trying to pill my cat lol, btw, very nice!
  12. Long time since i touch illustrator for illustration, hope you guys like it I really wish that i have patience to fill this piece with all SE details, but you know...
  13. Well, this feature work's along with ark's lore, read this: As you can see, she choose SE as destination, and probably she was carrying some itens with her. In my opinion it's way hard to tame (or pet care) a wyvern outside SE, than it's in SE itself, as you need to constantly travel back and forth to get milk... Good luck survivor!
  14. Hey man, that sucks, i know what you're going through, me and my tribe mates just lost a quetz for this, we're hopping that after changing location, things get better for us...
  15. The lack of SA players are disturbing, are you guys playing hide 'n seek? Let's meet ourselves, let's cook some sweet potato, boil some redneck egg's, drink some water, celebrate life...