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  1. i understand according to ark logic, why the morellatops prefers the cactus sap as food because ark creatures tend to eat lower food value foods first.. but could they at least make an exception for the cactus sap? like my morellatops can sometimes eat it as fast as i can harvest it and i need it for clay. please morellatops stop eating all my sap and eat the berries
  2. I appreciate everyone's response. the aspect i was upset about was indeed the perceived psychological manipulation. I do not want bob's tall tales which in itself is my right. i just felt annoyed by all of the signs of marketing manipulation because normally i steer wide of any game using this. It is wierd to see it in a game that traditionally never tried to make me feel FOMO before. It is just another negative experience to add onto a growing pile of negative experiences. I do not like purchasing the "promise" of future content from a designer who has such a bad history of delivering it to me long after i forgot it even existed.
  3. I know we've seen a few of them already and most of them are valid, but my specific beef with it, is that if you decide you don't want it, there is no way to just filter out content that has to do with it and i feel that was intentional to kind of bully you into buying it. Every time i find an explorer note or a treasure map that tells me to make a purchase, or when i open my engram list and it's filled with essentially advertisements for this DLC it makes me want to dig in and not buy it more. Trust me, i get it, they have a checkered past and a publisher that is terrible with money, and their mob boss nitrado shaking them down to pay their debts back, but come on. It's already bad enough they are making us pay 30 dollars for a third of the content with a promise of the other 2/3rds later.. i have been playing this and ASE since launch i do not preorder anything from wildcard. It's just the principal of the matter at this point. they keep hitting us up for money every chance they can. it's starting to remind me of other AAA companies and their 50 dollar mounts and such. XD tldr: stop "advertising" in my game for content i am not going to buy.
  4. alot of mods are not gonna show up if you have crossplay enabled because not all mods work with all platforms. to make sure every mod shows up make sure only pc (steam) is checked at the top, unless you actually need crossplay.
  5. yeah, they out here acting like there isn't tons of good games this year asking for a pittance compared to what they are asking, for way more. in the first quarter alone we've seen a ton of cheaper full release games.
  6. I agree. they are drip feeding us content we already own and paywalling literally anything new they do. just gonna wait for some mod developer to rip the assets for my server. meanwhile no man's sky on it's 27th free update lol. we get to pay the price because their parent company is bad at money management.
  7. honestly i think they may share spawn weight with spinos because they have the same sort of behavior on my map and lower the number of spinos available. they also have the habit of once they are wiped out or tamed they usually won't respawn until a dino wipe happens.
  8. I feel like i might be going insane, but wasn't there a server configuration line in the .ini files that set a interval that the server would automatically wipe dinos? to correct issues like degrading spino spawns on the island and other maps?
  9. no longer getting the error, our joining just keeps timing out to launch screen after about 45 seconds. i also checked the "show player servers" box since the latest patch had to do with adding that. gonna give nitrado some time to shake things out and see what happens.
  10. yes i am doing hosting through nitrado and we are experiencing the same issue. no resolution so far. We are a partially linux community and we run the server without battle eye. not sure if that is helpful.
  11. steam doesn't allow you to run programs on multiple computers with the same log in... so the host needs to make another steam account and buy the game a second time on that steam account.. not sure if steamcmd has this same restriction but i have never actually used my login with steam cmd and i am not about to go buy this game to figure it out.
  12. I understand where you coming from OP but i have a community of about 12 people and I invested hardware because a community crunch or two ago they said we would be able to run our own servers as long as we weren't doing so commercially. the exclusivity was to hedge out competing server companies.
  13. I don't even play on official and am not concerned with content being spoiled as i am capable of controlling what i consume, but i still wouldn't have minded if they held pc release back with console as the game CLEARLY needs more time in the oven, those performance issues tho..
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