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  1. lol your one to talk #1 your are not my DAD #2 you started this salty thread by telling everyone how to play I just said in a nice way I play the way I want to play #3 what you did not like my awser so am salty lol the jokes on you master sir master lol #4 please ill play my game you play yours
  2. ill play my game you play yours and who are you right no one
  3. I have been playing ark from around 2016 I started off solo I been wipe 4 time 1 by people kitting titan when titan was a Bad ass before all the nerfs 3x wild dino spawned into my base killed everything I have done just about everything died about everywhere on a map you can think of from DCing when flying still to this day and server dino caps I take pride in my dino raising trying to get 100% but with all this server lag I was 3% ahead on my imprints 5 days to go but ever time I had a imprint even it was 3am in the morning wife is pissed off because of alarm I stikk have to wait 15min or more mins turn to hours I lose on imprinting and I cant get 100% I got 99% yea good but I take pride into getting 100% but I cant because game is missed up am getting so tired not counting on PvE you got these bad ass putting poop all over the map blocking everything they can talking mad poop you can't touch me then you report them you get sorry there are nothing we can do. F that so you kill some of his or wipe the pricks dino's or base then it am turning you in the poop we put up to can anyone give me dino's,meat build my base go get me eggs raptoring crazy poop am about done an this aint even PVP
  4. This is starting be the poops After the 3x Valentine's Day event I was 3% ahead of imprints on my giga but now after losing 15mins each time I do imprints and am waiting for imprints am not late now am behind and can not get 100% I was 96% and on imprint it gave me 3% so I got 99% imprint I wasted so much time this sucks am about to move on to another game can't even get 100% because of the server lag or something
  5. are always run out of food too in a boss fight it sucks to but we use cook meat
  6. I try in set up my imprint time so the last one is at night so I can get some seep cryopods help but I don't want to spend extra time raising so far my imprints are 10 to 15 mins off it adds up raising gigas
  7. you can at the first after you enter the tek cave but after you ascend to the boss you can't
  8. I don't know how many time I had to cryopod my dino's because the time is way off if the time say 8hr and you set your alarm in 8hr it should be ready in 8hr but I have to wait 5min,10mins even up to over a hour I know everything is based on Time on game and the real world but one hour wait at 3am in the morning sucks something needs to be done it is getting out of hand and I know the server Lag has alote to do with it to and the roll backs I can't see how am getting 9hr and 10hr imprinting timers when the timer says 7:59:00 after imprinting
  9. but they park them outside the circle.Say on the island even how neat you put the rexs plus a pacer or quetzal with feeding trough.its still no room I have counted 4 tribes per OB Tek stuff is suppose to be OP or it would not be called TEK lol
  10. I have been going to Official server to Official server one thing I see is the crowding of all the OB's red,green.blue there is no room to load or get anything out why can't we do boss fights at are Tek Transmitter I mean it is Tek witch I thought it was suppose to be OP
  11. we did the boss fight again but we brought 2 mana this time shoot him out the sky lol
  12. This is a understatement I has looking for a NA island server I went in visited around 20 servers I saw so many HUGE BASES and they where so close to each other even bases in Giga spawn areas lol and seen so much pillars and trash everywhere and there are around 100 rexs and other dino at all OB for tribes doing the Boss fights ARK needs to let us use our tek transmitter to do the boss fights to clear the blue,red,green OB
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