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  1. This is starting be the poops After the 3x Valentine's Day event I was 3% ahead of imprints on my giga but now after losing 15mins each time I do imprints and am waiting for imprints am not late now am behind and can not get 100% I was 96% and on imprint it gave me 3% so I got 99% imprint I wasted so much time this sucks am about to move on to another game can't even get 100% because of the server lag or something
  2. I try in set up my imprint time so the last one is at night so I can get some seep cryopods help but I don't want to spend extra time raising so far my imprints are 10 to 15 mins off it adds up raising gigas
  3. I don't know how many time I had to cryopod my dino's because the time is way off if the time say 8hr and you set your alarm in 8hr it should be ready in 8hr but I have to wait 5min,10mins even up to over a hour I know everything is based on Time on game and the real world but one hour wait at 3am in the morning sucks something needs to be done it is getting out of hand and I know the server Lag has alote to do with it to and the roll backs I can't see how am getting 9hr and 10hr imprinting timers when the timer says 7:59:00 after imprinting
  4. we did the boss fight again but we brought 2 mana this time shoot him out the sky lol
  5. we did the alpha boss fight just like all the other times same rex's and pig an yuty but this time 2 character snuck in we killed the dragon pretty fast,killed all rock ele, but the manticore would not land it just hoped around the hole time we shoot it with rifles but it still would not land the timer ran out we lost all rex's and asc 110 armor saddle and element we got from the dragon it sucks we could have killed the manticore if it landed plus it looked like it was chasing the people who snuck in ARK needs to find away to keep them out I have the sad video of the hole boss fight and pictures of the people who snuck in
  6. welcome to all

    1. Genocidal00


      Do you know how to find lost characters ive submitted a request byt they didnt help at all i dont know what to do my wyvern is a paper weight

    2. Beco2326


      Thank you for the welcome!!

    3. Sifurtaliana
  7. how do you deal with a griefer RaZh0I and Polakk tribe Pilsner Waffles server 488 we are constantly harassing me and friends they are saying we moved to close but there is allot of space between us they made boats park them all over the shore where I a trying to build a shark pen they are constantly over at our base with birds chatting all kinds of stuff like we own the server, we can't get banned, move I don't know what to do I save pic's and some video of the harassment on my ps4 I have allote of time in this spot maybe can you help us or find someone who can this bullying needs to stop it is hard enough to find a server with less people server are filling up more and more each day any suggestion thanks for your time

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