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  1. I can't stop playing

    Arkoholism that is a great name and to holidays is for the family too but It seems like ARk is doing 2x,3x taming, raising and so on, I don't know how many time I was late doing something. My girl just started basketball on Saturday there goes a couple hours of raising because I won't miss it but this is real I don't know if it is if I quit I would lose everything an all the time I spent raising ,farming for bosses or it is just hatching to see what stats an colors I get.I played so many games and so far this has me hook line sinker
  2. mind wipe Lv 100 Mind Wipe (New Content)

    my thing was what was unlimited mindwipes hurting it was kinda hard to make even and the time too
  3. I can't stop playing

    I can't stop playing ARK no matter how I try got to feed and feed can't lose my dino's I raised. I bought a 3k dollar weight machine guess what no time to work out and no sleep farm.feed raise,imprint,and do it all over again I know its just a game but am going crazy ARK ANONYMOUS HERE I COME OR THE NUT HOUSE lol
  4. paint glitch

    why did Ark stop the paint glitch I know its not hard to make paint but it made life on ark a little easier, and could you tell someone there are spike fence wall everywhere ready to be demolish and the timers to transfer is way to long 30 mins to wait to move your armor or anything is unreal thanks
  5. fertilized eggs and transfer

    am on leg servers rag server 2 an 4 I have not tried kibble yet the only time it happens is when am on Rag server
  6. fertilized eggs and transfer

    ok it will let me transfer fertilized eggs any server but Rag when I am on Rag the eggs keeps resetting
  7. fertilized eggs and transfer

    has they been a update stopping the transfer of any kind of fertilized eggs so far I tried two deff times and the timers keeps resetting
  8. Spike Wall

  9. Taming boss rexes

    Sorover the best and fastest way is to find someone who will give you a egg or a dino that is all ready hatching with high melee stats
  10. Taming boss rexes

    same here but on the dragon I think you will need a couple more player are rexs. are around 600 to 700 melee with 20k health and we don't bring any extra rexs that don't have riders we did it easy but some time it comes down to the wire and I have video to hope this helps
  11. ppl using the platform as a parking lot

    This is a real big problem I tried to get a giga out of the OB and it got stuck I tried to whip it nothing and had to wait 12 hours to upload it now in SE you can upload them in a boss fight but you will have to lose they don't park there stuff no more on 335 red OB if that don't work a rock ele will do just fine
  12. Rain and fog

    what's with the rain and fog I get it but all the time are you trying to drive me insane I am all ready crazy the rain lags me out hurts my eyes and the fog can't see a damn thing I like it but not 24/7 hell I was trying to fight a titan fog started next thing you know I was fight someone house could not see a damn thing we got a big laugh out of it but still are there any way to cool it down thanks
  13. Local Hosted Game MUTATIONS

    I watched a youtube video he hatched hundreds of eggs before he got a mut good luck
  14. Timers are killing the game

    I have been playing ark for a long time I have a base on the island got bored so I started a base on the center. What I can't get on the island I can get on the center and with about every center map the dino server cap is high so I will try and raise on the island so I go back and forth but now I have to wait up to 30 mins just wasted of time for me I tried and do other stuff when waiting but the timer resets and I live in the snow so I have to have fur on and when you have the fur on you can't see if it has a timer on it so you have to unequip it then you freeze. plus I work Time is ark trying to kill the working man or trying to get you to get you to rent a server I tried single player lets just say BORING. ark please help lower the timers at least I have so many gripes about the timers I don't see any good in it besides a WASTE OF TIME thanks
  15. Cant transfer back to old server

    Thanks this worked for me