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  1. Goodgodmonkey

    platforms count as tames

    my tribe mate was telling me that every item you put on a boat and tree and cliff platform counts as a tame is this true on official ps4
  2. Goodgodmonkey


    you would think it would be a easy fix and you get a couple 100 together there must be some kind of lag
  3. Goodgodmonkey


    Amen to that to and they will never use them again to
  4. Goodgodmonkey


    Spike walls are everywhere I go. I could spend a year deleting them plus when I do I get jumped from a wild anything in sometime die. dev's please or someone give them this message they need a auto decay please it might get rid of some of the lag maybe, maybe not plus it looks better and get rid of floating gate doors thanks
  5. Goodgodmonkey

    I need 2x raising

    what happen to 2x raising I like to raise the big bad boys yes the giga but with out the 2x I is super hard to get them past baby stag what will I have to do to raise them quit my job ,quit official servers, or just quit the game I do raise other dino just for kibble but that is it I have no need for any other dino please help me get 2x back before it kill official servers
  6. Goodgodmonkey

    wild rock drake respawn

    am om official legacy server.me and a tribe mate went out to get rock drake eggs like before but this time there seem to be double the rock drakes guarding the nest. so we started killing them it seemed like you kill 1 and 4 took its place we took a egg anyway they where on us so fast and trapped us I could not move to save my rock drakes life they came from everywhere. Is the rock drake spawn glitched and just getting back to surface was hell to ever 1 foot we had to fight 3 rock drakes and they had a flying attack to get you off the walls. seemed like every rock drake was level 150 plus and found low level eggs.am far from a noob and our rock drakes where high level we had
  7. Goodgodmonkey

    rock drake an doedicurus are gone

    My rock drakes and doedicurus are falling below the map so far we lost 3 rock drakes and to high lvl doedicurus 6hr tames they where all put in different spot some time we can whistle all and they craw back up out from under the map and when we trap the reaper Queen she will stomp are rock drakes under the map it is starting to be a real pain at least give us dilo kibble or let us bring are own kibble here for faster taming and imprints thanks
  8. just tamed a lvl 150 Doedicurus with get ready for it that's right crops lol that's crazy lost alote of good levels Please help
  9. Goodgodmonkey

    Tree platform building?

    great post I hope they fix this. picks break to easy climbing anyway
  10. Goodgodmonkey

    I can't stop playing

    Arkoholism that is a great name and to holidays is for the family too but It seems like ARk is doing 2x,3x taming, raising and so on, I don't know how many time I was late doing something. My girl just started basketball on Saturday there goes a couple hours of raising because I won't miss it but this is real I don't know if it is if I quit I would lose everything an all the time I spent raising ,farming for bosses or it is just hatching to see what stats an colors I get.I played so many games and so far this has me hook line sinker
  11. Goodgodmonkey

    mind wipe Lv 100 Mind Wipe (New Content)

    my thing was what was unlimited mindwipes hurting it was kinda hard to make even and the time too
  12. Goodgodmonkey

    I can't stop playing

    I can't stop playing ARK no matter how I try got to feed and feed can't lose my dino's I raised. I bought a 3k dollar weight machine guess what no time to work out and no sleep farm.feed raise,imprint,and do it all over again I know its just a game but am going crazy ARK ANONYMOUS HERE I COME OR THE NUT HOUSE lol
  13. Goodgodmonkey

    paint glitch

    why did Ark stop the paint glitch I know its not hard to make paint but it made life on ark a little easier, and could you tell someone there are spike fence wall everywhere ready to be demolish and the timers to transfer is way to long 30 mins to wait to move your armor or anything is unreal thanks
  14. Goodgodmonkey

    fertilized eggs and transfer

    am on leg servers rag server 2 an 4 I have not tried kibble yet the only time it happens is when am on Rag server
  15. Goodgodmonkey

    fertilized eggs and transfer

    ok it will let me transfer fertilized eggs any server but Rag when I am on Rag the eggs keeps resetting