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  1. Ark Is Garbage, Do NOT buy it

    Yupp, apparently. I want a refund on this for sure. It's garbage. Awesome game concept but their hardware is poop.
  2. Ark Is Garbage, Do NOT buy it

    Already did, no response
  3. Ark Is Garbage, Do NOT buy it

    Don't buy this game. It is a waste of money. The game is so laggy and glitchy. I've lost my gear about 8 times due to the game not dropping my pack when I died. Eventhough I knew exactly the spot where I dided and have had Tribe mates with me standing where I died with nothing dropped. It just falls into the abyss. With how many crashes, lagg outs and glitches are in the game it should of been a free download. This game is not worth the $55 in any way shape or form. It's trash. Do Not Buy it