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      Upcoming Volcano Changes   04/27/17

      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Yupp, apparently. I want a refund on this for sure. It's garbage. Awesome game concept but their hardware is poop.
  2. Already did, no response
  3. Don't buy this game. It is a waste of money. The game is so laggy and glitchy. I've lost my gear about 8 times due to the game not dropping my pack when I died. Eventhough I knew exactly the spot where I dided and have had Tribe mates with me standing where I died with nothing dropped. It just falls into the abyss. With how many crashes, lagg outs and glitches are in the game it should of been a free download. This game is not worth the $55 in any way shape or form. It's trash. Do Not Buy it