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  1. Lenik

    Lunar cave blocked

    All the aberrations dinos
  2. We could do this arena in 10 minutes if the manticore would land like the dragon does. But no, we have to be 6 guys shooting to a non landing st_pid boss because the "AI" is not so intelligent. How many years do you need WC? 3 more season pass before it's fixed?
  3. Lack of Spinos in theIsland77 Two of us have been looking for spinos for 50 minutes in this server. But we couldn't find a single one... I don't know what's wrong with the spawn rate, but it's insane.
  4. Lenik

    No GachaClaus

    I'm playing in valguero 516 are there are a lot of gacha claus...
  5. So this morning I used a cryopod to spawn an argentavis and there was a red message displayed saying: Cannot deploy. The cryopod dissapeared from my inventory and the argentavis didnt spawn. Nothing in the logs. (It was a juvenile argentavis)
  6. I'm having the same problem. It's so hard to pickup ankylos with someone riding it.
  7. How much for joining without equipment? And whats the required level?
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