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  1. 1. (PvE) Ragnarok, life's labyrinth. Jumping over the wall in order to press the "R" (in Gráta). Died and lost all gear. 2. (PvE) Island. 2 wyvern standing at green ob (offline damage prevented). Trying to line up Rexs for a bossfight, wyvern glitched Rex in to floor. Rider got killed, lost all gear. I can understand the anti meshing on PvP, but does it happen on PvE too? If not, why these measurements on PvE?
  2. I understand your problem m8. However I do not agree with this decission. Let me explain. Certain players like to troll others. Just the fact that you walk up to them and declare war will (most of the time) pipe them down. The option of war being taken away will give these brads all the room they want. I'd suggest to keep alliances out, unless they "click the option" to participate the war. Again Wildcard shows being incapable of adjusting problems the right way. They choose the easy way... Give players a way to proper defend themselves on PvE.
  3. Again, Spinodestroyer. I am asking this for numerous people. Not spamming or anything. A lot of people were asking. Even started looking for new spots (which is a pain bc certain tribes have pillared a hughe area and WC isn't taking action... even after putting in tickets with pics, vids etc). This still is a forum and it's allowed to ask a question, right? So please don't react like we're spamming. For the rest of your reply, thank you for making it clear. Have a nice day
  4. May I ask? Is this for mobile only, or official console servers too? And if so, what are the exact areas around the obelisks? The discussion is real on the servers and people are confused. Is the "no build zone a square now (after update) and how far do they extend? Example: the 3 spike hill next to green on rag, is that going to be no build zone? (Has nothing to do with acces blocking). I do understand the concept and think it's a good idea. But I'm not moving, to find out later we were just outside the area. Please be more specific
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