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  1. Please find a way to make Cryopods a level 100 engram and craftable in a fabricator. This is a huge quality of life change essential for any game mode. As per old crunch. Keep quetzals but remove their platform saddles. Quetzals are an essential tame. They are invaluable for simply taming and transporting animals. But im all for removing the cheese methods that paracer and quetzals enable.
  2. The issue the Community has with Meshing is the perceived lack of action. We see patch notes saying holes are being fixed but then all the common spots are still there so it seems like no action was actually taken. Unfortunately the game requires so much more time investment, which places a huge personal value on items. Therefore, the cheating affects players alot more and is not as easy to shrug off as cheating in a 20min BR round. This however is a good step forward and constant communication on issues will benefit the relationship. One other thing that needs to be addressed with meshing, is how messy some maps are below the surface. The Center is an absolute mess of Geometry. It's what allows it to be meshed so easily. As well as creating easy pathways outside the intended area and provide under mesh base locations. This poor workmanship needs to be tidied up and would instantly reduce issues.
  3. You should make the Tek Light give charge light. I feel that would be a good addition
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