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  1. DevOverflow

    Wyvern Despawning

    If its not fully grown, keep milk in its inventory, maybe meat will help too. I just know my juveniles were despawning and a dev told me to keep milk in it. as if that were reasonable but whatever. if it is fully grown just keep meat in its inv.
  2. DevOverflow

    Xbox The Center: Constant Lightning Bug

    Sorry this is still an issue. I can only imagine the headaches you get. Probably similar to mine with bloom quality and rainbow water effects. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.
  3. DevOverflow

    Xbox The Center: Constant Lightning Bug

    It was a joke... obviously it was a bug, and I bet it as stopped since the latest update.
  4. DevOverflow

    Xbox The Center: Constant Lightning Bug

    Looks like a bad storm to me, lol. Maybe tune it a down a notch.
  5. DevOverflow

    Xbox The Center: Constant Lightning Bug

    It helps if you are able to capture a clip of the issue. Otherwise we are just waiting for someone else to confirm it with more information.
  6. DevOverflow

    Scroll up in chat

    Im upvoting this. I think there should be some scrolling ability to reach past chat. Especially now that alliances make the chat scroll even faster.
  7. DevOverflow

    Passive dino's attacking

    If they are on passive, Its likely that the wild dino died near your base and your tames are trying to consume the corpse. You can disable dino collection or what ever that setting is, but I wouldnt recommend it.
  8. Have a good day Raheem and good luck Bubbaba
  9. I have had a similar issue, and relogging fixes this issue as well. Others report the same issue and reported that relogging resolved the issue. I am providing additional solutions. your not the only one who experiences these issues and certainly are not the only one who knows how to resolve them.
  10. so it is similar.... The character loads into the game but the screen is black... you can move about and hear yourself jumping. The game hasnt fully loaded the graphics, so the ingame structures cant/havent rendered. The solutions still apply... Try waiting (which you did) or try reloading (xbox button, start on game, choose quit). Maybe a hard reboot will work (long press on the xbox power button on the unit until the xbox shuts down. Then power it back on.). Good luck.
  11. its similar, he loads in with the black screen and can see names, hear sound fx, only difference is the load bar is visible. The same solution applies.
  12. You can try relogging, or sometimes if you wait, the visuals will render. This usually happens when you spawn in your base with a lot of structures and dinos that have to render.
  13. DevOverflow

    Admin Password Use?

    Im not sure what the regulations are on the password. I havent tested it fully. It could be that the password is to prevent random users from join an online session. Excluding players on your friends list.
  14. DevOverflow

    Admin Password Use?

    Perhaps private match indicates only friends on your account can join. Im dont fully understand what you mean by nothing happens.
  15. DevOverflow

    Admin Password Use?

    Yes, I imagine the private match box is to allow x number of people to connect. if you cannot set a number, I would guess 1 vs 1