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  1. Disappearing Dinos

    I dont the the rollback effect Ebron since he stated using the the command to ghost. Either single player or player dedicated. There is a bug where dinos dissappear. Its not an easy fix, its well known for a long time now. Good luck.
  2. 730 pve eu

    It could be that people are disconnecting or crashing and logging back in making it seem like they are causing the issues.
  3. Allosaurus and Pelagornis saddles

    no, they should probably include those details in their initial post.
  4. Missing dinos

    you can save 15% or more by switching your auto insurance. that looks like a pretty good auto response. To actually give you feedback on your issue, I know from other threads and experience that WC does not do anything for missing dinos. If you can help recreate how they go missing, it would be a substantial fix. otherwise, nothing is done about missing dinos.
  5. ?tribelogdestroyedenemystructures

    no idea what this command does, but I was say no, it looks like it produces a log, of which I have never seen xbox capable to doing, since you cant access game files directly.
  6. Allosaurus and Pelagornis saddles

    I have all those engrams. Can you show a picture of your server and the engram list when searching part of the saddle name? That would help.
  7. Private games character distance

    The distance is set because the xbox acts as a server. The hardware on a xbox is nothing like actual server hardware. so to prevent your xb from dieing, and other in game issues, they set a distance, its also helps on the graphics card as thats what everything is rendered from.
  8. Wall/Fence Foundation Error

    can you provide a video clip or at the minimum pictures? Video is preferred of course.
  9. Kicked from my own tribe while offline

    id keep creating tickets referencing the preview ticket # so keep track of that.
  10. Wyvern Despawning

    If its not fully grown, keep milk in its inventory, maybe meat will help too. I just know my juveniles were despawning and a dev told me to keep milk in it. as if that were reasonable but whatever. if it is fully grown just keep meat in its inv.
  11. Non- dedicated/SP no text input.

    just press the XB button, then go back into the game and try again. This usually fixes it. Its a bug thats been around for ages.
  12. Ark AC not working

    try laying the cables first? Provide more details like what you have tried and include pictures.
  13. Titanosaur Level-Up bug

    It looks like you are posting a general bug. If the Titanosaur is max level and the text displays, that will have to be fixed in a future patch. Dont worry about the text burning into your screen, that takes years to do, and its impossible for this to happen in game. Burns happen when pixel are displayed and not moving for long periods of time. Not an issue.
  14. Help me kill my dodo

    probably a troll for a sick dodo.. lol
  15. Xbox game restarts while playing

    I think this has to do with connectivity dropping from the servers. I notice it happens to me on intense base loads, or when lots of activities happens all together.