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  1. Put in a ticket and let customer support decide. its always down to their discretion what is officially "breaking the rules"
  2. My crossbow texture is also always low resolution aswell, like the textures are set to low and the resolution slider is turned right to 0. I play with medium textures 1080p full resolution scale. like you every other weapon/tool texture is fine. I like to just think its the games fault
  3. Quetzals are very cool mounts. I have used quetzals to kill alpha rex's (Level some hp, rest melee damage) To haul stuff across the map (Level some stam, rest weight) As a portable crafting station (grill on platform for prime, pestal/bench for narcotics). Depending on server setting in pvp it can be used to: Drop medium size dinos on enemy bases Arial assault machine (Turrets on the platform, level loads of HP) Bullet soakers with high armor saddles (level HP) Mobile spawn points (Beds built on platform inside metal structure) Pickup medium/medium large dinos to take home for taming They are really great companions to have in such a game! congrats on your new tame!
  4. What are the specs of your MacBook? CPU RAM GPU HDD/SSD Will help to figure out the problem.
  5. Nah, when the last person online in a tribe logs out a timer starts (15M, 30M) (cant remember). Once the timer is over their structures and tames become un-damageable until someone from their tribe logs in again So if you raid someone while they are online and they ragequit and log off you have until the timer runs out to get your loot before it becomes immune from damage.
  6. Good luck man! hope you get what you want
  7. Try and check that your survivor has not gone into storage and is downloadable from the spawn screen.
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