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  1. fuettel left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - Owl 300+ / Clone Giga 495/ megalo egg 555 Dmg 12,5k HP/ clone fenix 208
    Awesome trader, fast response, fair deal. Anytime again

    reveredy was The Seller

  2. ludiii left Positive feedback for a topic   

  3. KarmaTess left Positive feedback   

    The gigas have the stats as promised, really awesome! Would love to trade with this trader again! :D

    reveredy was The Seller

  4. KarmaTess left Positive feedback   

    Very nice trader! Very fast and nice and even gave me one more ptera egg than said!

    reveredy was The Seller

  5. oscwolf left Positive feedback   

    awesome trader fast and efficient and definitely trust worthy

    reveredy was The Seller

  6. SurvivalOfTheTrader left Positive feedback   

    Cool guy and onest trader! 100% safe ^^

    reveredy was Trading

  7. Mithos left Positive feedback   

    fast trade and very nice tratment

    reveredy was Trading

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