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  1. Summer

    Where is the x2 ???

    X2 is gone... Rip my dreams and hope...
  2. Summer

    Can use In cave possble cryopod?

    You played official server??
  3. Dodo waaaaaaaaaaars!!!
  4. Hi I want ragnarok deathwarm cave farming. But deathwarm is very strong. Can use in deathwarm cave cryopod?
  5. 2years ago best creature is wyvern. Current , who is the best?
  6. Summer

    3x breeding not on????

    3x event working est 3am
  7. Summer

    how can i get high quality rex saddle blueprint?

    Thank you! Perhaps, What preparations should I take island cave?
  8. I'm new start XBOX ark. I would like to know fast level up.
  9. I played ark 1k hour on steam. but I didn't see high quality rex saddle. how can i get high quality rex saddle blueprint? I don't know that. pls tell me.
  10. Summer

    What are your best base locations for Ragnarok?

    I think pve server best base location are red or blue or green ob near. if you don't struct ob near, beacon near struct base.