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  1. I thought the cat that jumps at you from the trees was coming out as well?
  2. Love the Q and A part. I have a question/suggestion as well. When transferring servers on PS4, would you consider making it so Saddles and costumes do not have to be removed from the dino before uploading? I transfer a lot from the island to SE and back and most of the time my inventory is quite packed as it is. Having to lug a 20weight saddle just to reequip it again on the other side is quite annoying. To be clear, I'm just talking about the items that go in the top right corner of the dino inventory pane, not the actually inventory itself. To add to this, it would be nice if there was an extra slot up there for the tracking device to go. I've lost so many tracking devices on dinos because I'm always doing something that requires a quick march and only grab the saddle. Or make tracking devices permanent like the implant. Just a few ideas keep up the great work.
  3. Can someone link me to a page where I can learn how to mutate dinos? This is awesome
  4. I can't post on forums any more?

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