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  1. Can't join any official servers? PS4

    Same thing here, 344 seems to be down and I need to imprint wyverns. I hope they have enough food in them to survive this. I finally found a 190 fire that's albino, I'm gonna be pissed if I lose him
  2. Official PVE Offline Raid Protection in Update V509

    Hmmm yea, This new system is much more complex than I thought. No one seems to have any definitive information on this. Just bits and pieces from their own experiences. It just amazes me that there isn't some sort of guide.
  3. I've searched everywhere on and off the forums but I can't seem to find any concrete information as to the specific mechanics of this. Could someone clarify for me please and Thank You.
  4. Does it give a countdown to be claimable? is it still red to everyone else in the tribe? It sucks you might have to wait a week when an admin can come in and claim it for you in 2 seconds and problem solved, but it might be your only option.
  5. Tame Limit in 255.0 patch notes altered

    It's not as much of a need as it is a want. I mean, we're not planning a financial portfolio or doing our taxes here. We're playing a game, a game that encourages taming and breeding and we do alot of breeding and back breeding to get the mutations from several different dinos. (In case you didn't know, breeding is the way to go). 200 can cap out pretty quickly.
  6. New PvE tame limit/On screen counter

    I noticed the patch notes in 255.0 were altered this morning to say Official PC PVE instead of Official PVE. It looks as though consoles aren't getting the 500 tame limit.
  7. Tame Limit in 255.0 patch notes altered I noticed this morning that the 255.0 patch notes regarding the 500 Per tribe dino tame limit has been altered from saying Official PVE servers to Official PC PVE servers. It looks as though PS4 and XBOX won't be getting the new tame limit or ability to adjust, even on Player Dedicated. All we get is the tame limit counter which most of us already know is maxed. My tribe and I were looking forward to this the most out of the new update but nope, consoles get pooped on again.
  8. New PvE tame limit/On screen counter

    The counter is indeed in the Character stats screen. Press O and it will be on the right hand side. We are also trying to figure this out on player dedicated server and as far as we can tell, ps4 didn't get the option to change tame limit. If I figure out or hear anything more on this I'll post it here for you guys.
  9. V505 update to Tame Limit I read this as part of the patch notes. I can see the tames and the limit(which is 200) when you press O and look under Character Stats on the right. I have tried changing it with the command given in the admin console. I also tried looking in the settings and don't see anything there either. Has anyone figured this out yet? Am I missing something or maybe its as simple as dedicated servers won't have this option yet, only official servers like stated?
  10. Tame limits and Tribe Alliances

    It is definitely not 400, we are nowhere near that unless there's a bug or something. That is a pretty good idea Lhazi! We do indeed have an egg farm that is seriously denting our claimed dino's. I'm going to talk to my clan about doing something such as this!
  11. Tame limits and Tribe Alliances

    We counted closer to 200. I've read 120 in several places but we have way more than that.That might have been an old number that was increased at some point.
  12. Tame limits and Tribe Alliances I'm sure this has been discussed already because it is a pretty major thing, I can't seem to find anything in the search bar as far as dedicated ps4 servers go and since the search function looks over the entire forum, I can't find any solid info for private ps4 dedicated servers. We are all in the same tribe and hit the tame limit on our dedicated last night and are trying to find a way to work around this. We discussed a tribe split and have alliances but are concerned we will have a problem with riding each others dino's and accessing dino inventory's. We like to go out and play as a group so we have concerns as to how things work. We won't be able to ride each other alliances dino's or access their dino inventory's correct? If one of us has to drop out for a real life scenario, now one will be able to finish your tame for you right? You will just have to lose your tame? Then there is the structures. If we alliance, what would we need to do to make our bases part of the new alliance tribe? The building limit is just for a small area right? We didn't really build close to one another so that might not be a problem but can an alliance build onto another structure? Or most importantly, is there a way to change tame limits on dedicated? (That would fix everything honestly). We have looked through all the settings and can't find anything. These are the questions we are needing answers to before we move forward. If this has been discussed for Ps4 dedicated servers already I apologize. Please provide links if you have them saved and I will be happy to delete this.
  13. Entire game deleted

    I am beyond frustrated with this game. I went to download the second smaller update that was released today and it said It could not download then the game icon disappeared from my launch menu. I checked system storage and the entire game is gone!!! Are you kidding me!! I have to download the entire game all over again. Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. Server search, bookmarks and rules

    Same problem here and we found out last night that if there is a psn outage, you have to reinvite people to the server to open it back up. Totally unreliable. It needs to be fixed.
  15. PVE Wyverns randomly attacking base

    I'm right beside Blue ob. One might have been a spawn but I saw the guy on a trap drop an egg in our base and when he saw me come out and pull a scope out he took the egg and ran. I ended up talking to a few people on our server and they all suggested getting a handful of dung beetles and investing energy into lots of x plants and a few auto turrets. We're almost done setting it all up and kited a 135 argent into our base as a small test and it was dead in mid air in just a few seconds. The next attack will be very interesting.